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            22.   Memorial St. Kilda                                Peter Fogarty

            23.   ::?o.uthern cross Essendon (Conclusion)           Ron Lambert

            VICTORIAN NEWS                                                                 by Bannister

            Brighton              Dendy about to open third screen, 80 seats
            Fltzroy               Panorama (video) closed
            Geelong               Village now extended to 11  screens
            Melbourne             Regent - work has finally started
            Melbourne             Suburban multiplexes have installed digital sound.
            Moe                   Drive-In has re-opened
            Northland             Foyer being remodelled
            Richmond              Still dormant since February
            South Yarra           Como Three to open in December
            St. Kilda             George Three opens.  in November
           Waverley Gardens       Sixplex is opening under Village control


            Archivists Report

           The members support for ~he Society's archives collection continues to grow and this is most pleasing. Some
           interesting photos and articles have been made available to us. The  original and copied photos held in our
            archive  collection proved to be a most popular exhibit at our 25  September meeting. The Society is most
           indebted to Peter O'Reilly for taking the time to copy the large number of photos on a recent trip to Sydney.

           The acquisition of a collection of photos depicting the former G.U. State Theatre (Flinders St) was another
           recent highlight for the Society. This album will be again available to members at the October meeting.

            Now that we have photos of many city and  suburban  theatres it is intention to  compliment them with
           various printed materials such as articles, press clippings, advertisements and histories for them.

           Our next issue of CinemaRecord Will have a list of theatres that are somewhat of a mystery to us i.e we do not
           have appropriate internal or external photos. This list will be updated from time to time and the assistance of
           our members in providing dates would be apprecrated.

           Personal Projects

           As space permits a list of member's theatre projects will be printed. Other readers may be able to assist those
           members by providing photos and other information.

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