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             This upstairs foyer leads to a cross aisle entrance to the dress circle. Dunlop chairs are used in the dress circle,
             in 10 rows of21 seats per row.  At the left rear side of the circle a door accesses both the V.I.P/crying room, and
            the projection room.  Access to the projection room and rewind room can also be made from the right hand side
             of the circle.  The V.l.P.  room has a stepped floor and is furnished with bridge chairs.  The front of the dress
             circle is clad with timber paneling.  Dominating the entrance foyer is the large stainless steel clad candy bar.
             This occupies the entire length of the right hand side wall.

            The decorative features of the theatre are typical of the bold colours fashionable in the 1950's.  The circle seats
            were alternating red and  grey in  colour.  Much of the original  moss green carpet  still  exists throughout the
            building.  This carpet was overlaid with geometric patterns in a lighter green and black.  Some of the original
            furnishings are still to be found in the theatre; two mustard coloured divans are to be found in the upstairs foyer
            whilst two wrought iron, comer tables are located in the downstairs foyer.

            Anodized bracket lights and round flush ceiling lights have been used in the upstairs foyer.  Although many of
            the auditorium lights have been replaced with fluorescent tube fittings, some of the original wall fittings are to
            be found. These unusual fittings included a triangular back plate on which a combination of flush round lights
            and bracket ball lights were attached.

            Heating is provided by a diesel fired furnace which is located under the stage.  Large grills have been built into
            the front of the stage to accommodate the forced air ventilation system.  A large screen (approximately 10 x 5
            metres),  covered by a set of blue curtains,  has been  mounted on a suspended  frame.  This frame can  be
            moved back and forward  by means of ceiling  mounted tracks, ropes and  pulleys to suit  stage  use require-
            ments.  The mono. speakers are housed in a large alcove built into the rear wall of the stage.

            The projection booth is fully equipped and is occasionally used, although it  is many years since the theatre
            screened films on a regular basis. Several months ago there was a screening (by a travelling circuit) of the hit
            Australian film, "Strictly Ballroom".  Two  Gaumont - Kalee  President  projectors  are used together with  an
            unbranded slide projector.  A Raycophone sound system is used.  Other sound equipment includes aNTS GK
            National Selenium twin 65 rectifier (Modei2SR 42165/1). and a Gaumont  Kalee Duosonicamplifier.  All of this
            equipment appears to be in excellent condition and is probably original.

            As a Cinema the Memorial had  a short life from  1957 to the mid 1960's. Regular screenings were  held on
            Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. After the 1960's films were screened on an irregular basis. For a small
            community, Koroit's Memorial theatre is a somewhat rare example of a well equipped 1950's country cinema/
            hall, for at that time construction of a building this size would only have occurred in a larger country town. and
            would have been either a cinema or a hall.
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