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The new Regent WurliTzer is the largest WurliTzer outside America. It is among the ten largest WurliTzers ever
             built by the former North Tonawanda, NY Company.  The  prominent West Coast organist, the  late  Richard
             Purvis of Grace Cathedral San Francisco, said that the Granada organ was the finest he had ever heard with
              the exception of New York's Paramount Theatre WurliTzer. This observation is also backed up by the latest
             volume of the Theatre Organ Encyclopedia by Preston Kaufman

                                   The Organ Console Nearing Completion Of Restoration

             The Regent WurliTzer is installed in the original chambers which housed the 4/19 (1947) WurliTzer, however
             the ceilings were raised to 5.2 Metres, and are now double plaster, with insulation and particle board flooring on
             top. New dividing walls have been added, making four organ chambers, previously there were three.

                            Both Halves of the Largest Pipes in the Organ - The 32 Foot Bass Pipe
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