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Stadium-type seadng is provided, and this links with  permanent seating in the balcony. The stadium can be
             regressed under the balcony and the stalls area is used as a ballroom when required. The ventilation and
             heating system does not include air-conditioning at this stage. A new fly-tower above the stage Is apparent from
             the exterior of the hall. The storage rooms leading to the projection room show evidence of an earlier stage area
             In  which  the hall had faced  in  the opposite direction. The blo-box houses Simplex projectors, Raycophone
             sound  heads and Gaumont Kalee President lamp  houses. Kevin  Grace was  on  hand  to answer technical

                                   Side View & Entrance to Stawell Entertainment Centre

            One of the most impressive features of this complex Is a farge banner mounted in a glass case, half way up on
             the left side of the stairs. The banner dates back to 1872 and represents the mining days and Miners Union. The
            banner was restored In Ballarat and returned In Its protective case. It is paint on canvas and measures 7 metres
            by 4.5 metres. One side proclaims the Eight Hour Day· "Eight Hours labour, Eight Hours Recreation and Eight
            Hours Rest". The logo reads "Unity Is Strength", Amalgamated Miners Est October 1872. The other side has
             this homlly:
                                         Let us greet him as the best
                                         And help him all we can
                                         The brightest gem In natura's crest
                                         Is an honest man".

             A hearty country style group dinner at the Royal Hotel In Horsham concluded  the evening, ready lor a busy
            Sunday morning. The Horsham Cinema Centre comprises the 1926 Horsham Theatre, owned by the council
            and leased for both films and stage shows, and the two smaller cinemas which are used for extended seasons.
             These have been constructed In the adjacent Mechanics Institute Hall and a former clothing factory. The Horsham
            Historical Society is also situated in the complex, with a very entertaining nostalgia display and much reference

             The tour ended at the Horsham Town Hall, a bright spacious 1938 Art-Deco style building. An added bonus was
            a antique fair being held in the main auditorium and supper room.

            For further details of these historic venues see the separate article on the Theatres of Horsham, Part1 ln this
            issue, and part 2 In the August Issue of Cinema Record.

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