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It operated as a  pictme house Friday,  Saturday afternoon
           and night,then Monday  night,  that was the usual run with
            independents,   their   films   came   from   M.G.M.
           BRITISH  STUDIOS.

           Roughly about 2  years after opening, they came up with a
           new name  for  the  theatre,  "THE ARGOSY",  a  slide  was
           made with a Spanish Galleon riding the high seas, I don't
           recall the name of the music we used to play under it at the   • ..JI~E  l  T   W  ED H  E S  0  A Y

                                                                start of every show, but it was quite a stirring number, as the
                                                               curtains were drawn back.
                                                               Some  of  the  shows  I  remember,  "MUTINY  ON  THE
                                                               BOUNTY",  with  Gable  and  Laughton,  "TREASURE  IS-
                                                               LAND" with Wallace Beery, and Jackie Cooper,
                                                               "BROADWAY MELODY of 1936,38, 40,1 then joined the
                                                               Army, returning in 1946, by that time Les had sold the plant to
                                                               a gentleman called ROY FARMER
                                                               I  am enclosing  a  photo  kindly  passed  on to  me  by Alan
                                                               Windley,Alan took this photo prior to closure and demolition
                                                               of the front section,  it finished  in front of the vertical front
                                                               wall, the latter section was added quite a few years later  .hall,
                                                               the original hall did not have the entrance

                                                                                     KEN  TULLOCH

           Photo: A Windley
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