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                                                              I suppose the most important thing to happen to C.A.T.H.S
           Thanks to Roger Seccombe and his extensive article on the   in the past few months  is the  offer of member Mike Smith,
           lost Prince George Theatre at Middle Brighten. I knew the   owner of the SUN Theatre Y arraville, to make it available to
           theatre only slightly as it was well out of my reach in my   us for our meetings.
           younger  days,  living  at  box  Hill,  and  pre  my  mobility   And at the old time of 10:30AM SUNDAYS, it looks like this
           vehicle wise! I would however, like to correct a few things   is going to be a great year for us.
           that Roger mentioned.
                                                              We now have a place to call home, one that has all the facilities
           I  was an assistant manager with Hoyts during that period   needed, thanks Mike from us all.
           when ZORBA (1964) and 2001 (1968) were released at the
           Athenaeum and Plaza Theatres respectively.  ZORBA was
           not the failure that Roger states, and was certainly not taken   On a more serious note.
           off after  THREE  DAYS!  From  memory,  it  ran  FOUR   Some weeks ago someone made a visit to my home,
           WEEKS, but ·not trusting memory after thirty five years, I   both myself and Marg were out.
           have  checked  newspaper  files  and  the  film actually  ran   Taking advantage of this, the person? had a look around under
           THREE weeks. Of course, it took off: box office wise, after   the car port, some silly bugger was to trusting,and had left a
           the Dendy ran it and deservedly so.                box of film out.(it had slipped my mind)
                                                              I now do not have this film, it was stolen.
           The Athenaeum had dropped its exclusive British policy by   The title is CLOCHEMERLE : A French film with English
           the early sixties through lack of suitable product. This did   sub titles,  made  in 1948, I  can identify the film stock ,  the
           not help a film like ZORBA find its 'right' audience at the   police have been notified, I have some thoughts on who it is, a
           'Ath'.                                             neighbor  remembers  seeing  a  vehicle  leave  the  driveway
                                                              around the time. and has given me the details.! would like this
           2001! Similar story. Definitely not the flop that a two week   film returned,  it maybe  returned  by  any  means,  I  will pay
           season would suggest. Would you believe THREE AND A   postage  or freight  charges,  or pick it up  collect,  preferably
           HALF  MONTHS?  That  would  be  about  FOURTEEN    from the EMERALD post office, post code 3782. should it be
           WEEKS!  Following the  gjmmicky Cinerama movies,  the   returned no further action will be taken.
           Plaza suffered a mish mash array of product, (having lost its
           'womens  weepie'  reputation  a  lot  earlier).  We  thought,   Last of all
           what's this - 2001, A SPACE ODYSSEY? Sounds more like   Thank  you  for  the  feed  back  about  the  last  CINEMA
           a  statement  than  a movie  which has  since  achieved  cult   RECORD, both positive and negative reports are valued
           status! True, it was a difficult movie to sell, but most films of   it is the only way I can give you what you want.
           great  artistic  quality  usually  are!  I  presume  that Robert                ED.
           Ward gave Roger the (incorrect) information, probably to
           make his success with these movies at the Dendy look even
                                                                     NEW SECTIONS!
           As  for  seating  capacity  of 'city  foreign  language'  movie
           houses  (Savoy,  Curzon  &  Roma)  being  'only one  or two
           hundred seats', the Savoy was 800, Curzon -previously the
           Tatler newsreel- 278, and the Roma - a converted basement   FOR SALE·
           probably about 100+.

            ·  Regards,

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           please sharpen your typewriters and send me your
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                                                               THE EDITOR A SA P.

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