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                 Offical newsletter and historical record of the Cinema and Theatre Historical Society-Victoria
                                                     REG A0020747R

          The primary objective of  CATHS-V ,  and  this  publica-  AU  photos are from the collection of the person or organi-
          tion, is to accurately document and create an archive of the   sation  stated  unless  otherwise  indicated.  Every  effort  has
          history of cinema and theatre in Vicroria.            been  made  to  trace  the  ownership  of  all  copyrighted
                                                                picture material. In the event of any questions arising as to
          Input in the form of articles, constructive criticism, and   the  use of any material,  the author  and  publisher will  be
          substantiated dispute of printed matter is welcome, and   happy to make the necessary corrections in future printings.
          necessary to enable us to reach our objective.
                                                                Donations of photographs of theatres and any other histori-
          Any articles printed in CinemaRecord should not be repro-  cal records relating to Victorian cinemas, or loan of for
          duced without the permission of the author or the editor.   copying, are needed for the Society's archives.

                                                     The Cast

                                     President:                                         Kay Bramon
                                     Trevor Wa/Jers.                                    98980755
                                     9583 9670

                                                              Vice President:
                                    Treasurer:                Mike Tricket.
                                   Barrie Wraith.
                                                              03 52781986
                                    9435 9785

                                                                                Web  site:
                                              CinemaRecord:                     www.
                                              The Editor CinemaRecord           Email:
                                              1998 WELLINGTON RD      
                 General mail:                CLEMATIS VIC 3782
                 CATHS-V                      Phone: 03 5968 3992
                 POBOX476                    Fax:  03 5968 3994
                 BENTLEIGH 3204              Email:

                                        CATHS-V sales:             Archives:
                                        Garry Saunders
                                                                   Gerry Kennedy
                                        9812 7227

                                      Peter  Smi t/i.  1   'E{aine  !Marriner  1    !Fran( o/an  Straten  1

          Meetings:     Fourth Sunday of February, April, June, August, and October unless advised otherwise.

          Venue:       New venue: SUN THEATRE  8 Ballarat st Yarraville, Rear ofYarraville rail station.
                       MONTREAL CINEMA TUMUT N.S.W.  PbotoLestod
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