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            Denzil Howson Receives Performing Arts Award         For some people,  the  concept  of a whole weekend filled
                                                                 with 'filmic' activities was hard to grasp. However, for the
           The Green Room Awards Association  for the Performing   69 people who attended the weekend, it was non-stop film
           Arts Museum, recently presented an Award to Denzil How-  collectors' and enthusiasts' activities all the way. We were
           son in acknowledgement of his lifetime commitment to the   please to  have the company of 13 New Zealanders  and 4
           performing arts and preservation of its traditions  and his-  other enthusiasts from interstate,
                                                                 Commencing at 9am on Saturday morning, at the Victorian
           Denzil Howson is a worthy recipient, he has been a radio   Movie Makers Theatrette, the weekend got off to a flying
           broadcaster, broadcast engineer, director, producer, writer   start with all of the buy and sell tables occupied, with many
           and actor. His love of the performing arts is shown by his   goodies on offer.
           work with the Cinema And Theatre Historical Society, the
           Theatre Organ Society ofAustralia, the National Film and   Following  morning  coffee,  a tour of the  Salvation Army
           Sound  Archive,  and  he  is  a  dedicated  volunteer  at  the   Heritage  centre  in  central  Melbourne  took  place.  At the
           Performing Arts Museum, helping to identifY hundreds of   completion of lunch,  an auction of film  and related items
           performers  who  appear in the Museum's Laurie Richards   was held with approximately 50 lots being auctioned. Dur-
           photographic collection.                              ing the afternoon, the group were transported to, and enter-
                                                                 tained at two home cinemas in the eastern suburbs.
           Denzil started in country radio in the late 1940s, and worked
           with  the  Australian  Broadcasting  Commission,  Crawford   By the time the buses retumed from the home cinema visits,
           Productions, and was a pioneer of Australian television. He   the VMM had been transformed into the 'CA1HS Newsreel
           joined GTV Channel 9 in 1956 as Assistant Program Man-  Theatre Restaurant'. The Saturday night dinner was a buffet
           ager  and  was  part of the team which  produced the first   style meal, followed by a selection of shorts similar to those
           transmission of television in Australia.              shown in the Newsreel Cinemas of the 1950s.
           The award ceremony was held on Theatres Day, Tuesday
           16th February 1999. Congratulations Denzil, from all of us   For many,  the highlight of the  weekend was  the  Sunday
           atCATHS!                                             morning tour of the Village Jam Factory cinema complex in
                                                                 South  Yarra.  Conducted by  Village's  National  Technical
           Reading Australia Cinemas                            Manager, David K.ildeny, we were shown all aspects of the
                                                                complex, ranging from the more usual cinemas to the Cin-
           Reading Australia have recently announced plans to build   ema Europa and the latest Gold Class deluxe cinema.
           an 8 screen multiplex at Waum Ponds, near Geelong. and
           are to build a 12 or 14 screen multiplex at Whitehorse Plaza,   Next,  to  the  Rialto  for  a hjgh  rise  view  of Melbourne,
           Box Hill subject to finalisation of permit issues,   together with a look behind the scenes of the Rialto Vision
                                                                 cinema and a  viewing of the 20-mioute  film of Victoria's
           Also, Reading has a share in the Elstemwick Classic Cin-  tourist attractions.
           ema.  The Classic has recently had a second screen added
           and construction is underway next door for a further three   Following lunch nearby, we were treated to an afternoon of
           screens. Planning permits have been granted for construc-  vintage  shorts  at  the  recently  restored  Sun  Cinema  in
           tion of a 12 screen cinema complex at Frankston (some site   Y arraville.
           clearing work has commenced) and a 12 screen complex at
           Moonee  Ponds.  Hoyts  bave  been  appealing  against  the   The Weekend concluded at about Spm, with many friend-
           Moonee Ponds project and  are  taking their appeal to the   ships having been made  and assurances by everyone that
           Supreme Court.                                       they  will be  back for  the  second Melbourne  Film  Buffis
                                                                Weekend next year!
           Reading are  planning to open  50  screens  in Australia in   By Mike Trickett, Convener CA1HS Film Buffs Group and
           1999, and a further 50 in 2000.                      Vice President ofCA1HS.
           From  information  provided  by  Reading  Australia,  8th
           March 1999.                                          Web editor's note: Watch out for the 2nd Annual Film Buffs
                                                                Weekend for early 2000. Thanks to Mike and Barb Trickett
           Melbourne Film Buffs Weekend                         and team for a job well done!
                                                                Why not join CATHS today and share your interest in cin-
           Held over the weekend of 13th and  14th February by the   ema and theatre with a fun group of fellow enthusiasts!
           Cinema And Theatre Historical Society Victoria (CATIIS),   Throughout the year we have lots of theatre tours, interest-
           the Melbourne Film Buffs Weekend is believed to be the   ing meetings including guest speakers, movies, home cin-
           first of its type held in Australia. The weekend's program   ema visits, and produce CinemaRecord- the CATHS quar-
           followed  closely the  very  successful  format  by the  New   terly journal.
           Zealand Film Buffis Assoc.  for their six monthly meetings.         Martin.

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