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NEWSREEL                                           partnership with Reading  Cinemas Australia,  have con-
                                                               structed three new cinemas next door.

            Marriner Theatres Website
                                                               RMIT Capitol Website
            Check out the website of Marriner Theatres at
                                                               Check out the  new  website  for The Capitol  Theatre at
                                                       RMIT  University  is  the
            MmTi ner Theatres operate The Regent Theatre, The Plaza
                                                               new owner of The Capitol Theatre, which they purchased
            Ballroom, The Princess Theatre, The Forum Cabaret, The
                                                               on 20th May  1999.
            Fontm Cinema, and The Comedy Theatre. Their website
            includes photographs of the  venues and  informmion on
                                                               T heir website  includes  some  great  images  by  John
            hire charges,  facilities, etc. There is also some interest-
            ing histories of each of the theatres.             Gollings- there's over 40 photographs, with many shots
                                                               behind the scenes of the fly tower, above the ceiling plas-
                                                               ter work  and  concealed  lighting,  the opening  roof me-
            AustraJian Movie Convention                        chanics, the old upstairs foyers and lots more.
            The annual  Australian  Movie  Convention  was  recently
                                                               There's also historical information, news, tours and book-
            held on Queensland·s Gold Coast. Over 850 people from
                                                               ing information.  RMIT have announced  plans  to  refur-
            the Australian and  New Zealand cinema exhibition  and
                                                               bish  the  old  upstairs  foyers.  and  implement other up-
            distribution  industry  attended.  The website of US  Box
            Office magazine has a repot1 on the Convention.    grades. They will be launching the Capitol later this year
                  Their website is at hllp://     on  the  occasion of the Theatre's 75th  anniversary. An
                                                               exciting new phase in the history of the Capitol Theatre !

            New ZeaJand Film Buffs Weekend - May 2000
            CATHS is organising a group booking to attend d1e New   T heatre Royal Castlemaine Restoration
            Zealand  Film  Buffs Weekend  to be  held  in  May 2000.   The Theatre Royal at Castlemaine is curTently undergo-
            Many members of the NZ group panicipated in the very   ing restoration work and will re-open soon with a season
            successful Melbourne Film Buffs Weekend which was held   of cinema classic 'Gone With The Wind'.
            in  February this year. The New Zealand  Film Buffs As-
            sociation has been going for  many years and  holds two
            main functions each year. For more information, see the   Help Sought for Barldy Theatre Building Restoration
            CATHS Website at                                   After many years of neglect, discussions are finally un-
               http://home.  vicnet.  net.aul-caths/news. htm   der way to revitalize the former Barkly Theatre Footscray.
                                                               Heritage Victoria  would  like  to  hear  from anyone  who
            Cinema Nova to expand to Eight Screens             has any information about tJ1e BarkJy l11eatre which could
                                                               assist in its potent:aJ  restoration.
            Carlton's  five  screen Cinema Nova  is  to add a  further
            three screens. This follows the recent announcement that
                                                               Diahnn Mcintosh is the Heritage Victoria officer respon-
            Village and  Palace Cinemas have joined with  the  Nova
            to develop various projects.                       sible for making an assessment of the proposal. Her du-
                                                               ties  involve giving guidance to the building's owner on
                                                               appropriate  works.  Access  to  all  available  information
                                                               will  hopefully  ensure  that  an  accurate restoration  is
                                                               achieved. Any assistance you can provide would be greatly

                                                               You can contact Diahnn at Heritage Victoria, Department
                                                               of Infrastructure on 03 965 59731 or emai I
                                                              diahnn.mcintosh @doi.

                                                               Major Film Seasons  at The Astor Theatre St Kilda
                                                              The all-time classic ·Gone With the Wind· [PGl has just
                                                              concluded  a  two-week season  at The Astor . The print
                                                              was made on  the new Kodak Vision Premier stock to the
            Elstcrn" ick Classic- 3 new ci nem:b to the right of the original  fromnge.   Astor Theau·es  specifications.  to  make sure that  it  was
           Photo: P.o·Reilly.                                 the best available. The correct aspect ratio has been used
                                                              so there will  be none or the cropping of the picture that
           Elsternwick Classic Opens Three New Sct·eens       was so common  in  other re-releases.  And.  for  the  first
           The Classic Cinema  in  Elsternwick  opened  three  new   time in Australia: Gone With The Wind' will be presented
           l>Creens on September 2nd. The Classic recently added a   wilh  DTS  Digital Sound.
           second screen  within  their existing  building,  and  in  a

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