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             sisting of a reading room and library, lecture haJJ. and of-
             fice was designed by Charles Boykeu.

             rt  was set well  back on  the  reserve.  The front section,
             designed by J.H. Jones. was erected nine years later and
             was given a grand facade of the "Glorious Goldrush'' kind
             described by historian  A.Wesson.

                                                                In  1928. the Theatre  Royal, designed  by  W.P.Knight  to
                                                                replace the  1875 wooden hall, was opened. The entrance
                                                                to  the  theatre is  in  Bath Street. The Shire Council used
                                                                some of the rooms  from  1953-67  until  its  offices were
                                                                built at the  rear of the Institute.  A  library  was  built  in
                                                                 1988 as pan of a civic centre.

                                                      I!        Use of the theatre diminished for some time but the Coun-
                                                                cil  has  since  refurbished  the  interior and  the  theatre is
                                                                now used for  films. concerts, and community  functions.
                                                                The  1920's exterior has not been altered.

                                                                F reeburgh

             The Sturt Cinema uses the original upstairs hall.  Up un-
             til  the late 1920s, the hall was called the mechanics'  in-

             When  moving  pictures  came to  Ballarat the  hall  was
             leased to Britannia  Pictures. They opened the Britannia
             cinema which became The Odeon, The Vegas, and now
             The Lyric.

             The Institute continues to operate a  subscription library   The Freeburgh  Public Hall and  Library was established
             and recently received a granr from  the National Library   in  1879. The original  weatherboard  hall  was  built  on
             of Australia  to  survey  its extensive  nineteenth  century   Crown land in  1879. It proved to be too small and a new
             collection which has been recognised as being of national   hall designed by P. Peterson of Free burgh was constructed
             significance.                                      alongside it  in  1905.  Over the years  the hall  has  been
                                                                called "public hall", "libary hall", and "Athenaeum hall''
             Camperdown                                         and used for a variety of purposes. It was used as a part
                                                                time cinema until  recently.
             The Camperdown Mechanics' Institute and Free Library
             was established in  1865. lt opened its reading room and
             Jjbrary in  1870.                                  Lilydale

             A hall, designed by  Alexander Hamilton  was erected in   The Lilydale Mechanics'  Institute and Free Library was
             1875. ln  1890, the hall was enlarged and a brick building   established in  1882.  It originally operated a  library and
             erected (with the help of a Government grant) in front of   reading room from a shop in  Main Street. After a bitter
             the hall  to serve as  museum and free library.    battle with Council over ownership and right of appoint-

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