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Hedy Lamarr:  9.11.1913 - 19.1.2000

              Raven  haired seductress, once billed as the world's most beautiful  woman.  Austrian  born, she aroused  U.S.  attention
             when she swam stark naked in  the  1933 Czech film  "Ecstasy".

              Like many Hollywood stars she was married and divorced 6 times, she was a rare combination. She was both a movie star
             and an inventor.  While her invention was never used for its intended purpose of guiding torpedoes by radio signal, it has
             become d1e basis for satellite communications today.
              Hedy was born Eva Marie Kiesler in Vienna, Austria. At  I 7 she burst onto the silver screen in  the film ·'Money on the
             Street." She attracted the attention of many admirers and  married  Fritz Mandie, Austrian weapons manufacturer, when
             only 19 years old. His career exposed Hedy to the plans and conversations about these weapons. It was during one of these
             meetings that she first suggested a radio controlled torpedo but djscovered the signal could be too easily jammed. When
             Hitler took over Germany,  Hedy left both  her husband and  her country for the safety of London. While there, she met
             Louis  B.  Mayer who signed  her for a contract with  the  Hollywood  studio MOM  and she changed  her name to Hedy
             While working with composer George Anthejl she suggested her radio controlled torpedo idea. They realized that if they
             were able to change the frequency randomly they could pull it off. They received a patent for their device in June of I 94 I.
             IL  wasn't used during the war, but after the patent expired in  I 959 it was used, slightly modified, in satellite technology,
             and it was used  in  secure military communication systems installed on U.S. ships sent to blockade Cuba in  1962, the
             basis of America's Mil star defence system.

             Neither she or Antheil ever received royalty payments for the commercialisation of their patent, though it is cited as the
             underlying patent for frequency-changing technology
                                                                (See also Cinema Record #I 7 - August 1997)

             Misjudgements:        She, or her agent, rumed down  Casablanca, GasJjght and Saratoga Trunk
             Biography:            "Ecswsy And Me:  My Life As A  Woman"  (1966)

             Famous Quote:         "Any girl can look glamorous.  All  you have to do is stand still and look stupid."

              Corel. the computer soft ware giant.
              paid Hedy a big compliment when
              they used her face on the cover of
              both Corel Draw versions 8 and 9.

              This happened  in  1999.

              Makes you wonder what happened
              to all those other tens of thou!>ands
              of Hollywood  bimbo's  who  fol-
              lowed her path over the sixty years
              or ~o.

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