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                                                            The Newsletter and HistoJ·ical Record of the
                                                        Cinema And Theatre Historical Society-Victoria Inc.

                                                      International Standard SeriaJ Number  (ISSN) 1443-3664
                                                                        REG A0020747R
                                                                       ABN  37 195 378 179
                 TO RECORD HISTORY
              AND PROMOTE INTEREST                                      ABOUT CATHS-V
                    IN ALL AREAS OF
                CINEMA AND THEATRE                  The Cinema And Theatre Historical Society of Victoria was started in l989 by a
                                                    group of dedicated people with a common interest Ln all aspects of cinemas and
                                                    theatres. including architecture and decoration. film projection and stage facili-
                                                    CATHS-V visits and inspects cinemas and theatres on a regular basis, and has an
              Gerry Kennedy        5174-1870
                                                    extensive archive of material  for members  to  inspect,  by  appointment, at the
                                                    Mechanics lnstitute Library in Prahran.
              Frank VanStraten O.A.M.   Peter Smith
                                                    The main aim ofCATHS-V, and this publication, is to accurately document and
              Philip Brady         Elaine Marriner
                                                    create an archive of the history of cinema and theatre in Victoria.
              Vice-President:      Mike Trickett    Input in the fonn of articles, constructive criticism, and substantiated dispute of
                                   5278-1986        printed matter is welcome, and necessary to enable us to reach our objective.
              Secretary:           Kay Branton      Any articles  printed  in  CinemaRecord should  not  be reproduced  without the
                                   9898-0755        pem1ission of the author or the editor.

              Treasurer:           Barrie Wraith    AU photos arc from  the collection  of the person  or organisation stated unless
                                   9435-9785        otherwise indicated.  Every effort has  been made to  trace the ownership of all
                                                    copyrighted picture material. In the event of any questions arising as to the use of
                                                    any material,  the  author and  publisher will  be  happy  to  make  the  necessary
              Publication Sales:   Garry Saunders   corrections in future printings.
                                                    Donations of photographs of theatres and any other historical records relating to
              Archivist:           Dean Brandum     Victorian cinemas, or loan of for copying, are needed for the Society's archives.
              Assistant Archivist:   Gerry Kennedy                       MEMBERSHIP

              Events Co-ordinator:   Brian Miller
                                                    Currently the annual subscription is $35.00, and members receive four copies of
                                                    CinemaRecord, notification of events, and copies of the agenda and minutes of
                                                    all  meetings.  New members  who join after the start of the  membership  year,
              Central Victoria Co-ordinator:  Fred Page
                                                    August 31st, will be billed a pro-rata amount in the membership year.
                                   (03) 5444-0428
                                                    There is no joi11ing fee. Overseas subscriptions $A35.
              Gippsland Co-ordinator:   Gerry Kennedy
                                   (03) 5174-1870
              CATHS-V Web site:   Meetings are held every two months, on the LASI Sunday of Fe.bruary, April,
                                                    June. August, and October at  I 0 am.  Members will be notified of the dates of
              Internet Editor:     Martin Powell    exh·a meetings, such as the AJmual Swap Meeting and theatre inspections.
              e-mail:  martin@interdomain.netau
              CinemaRecord Editor &   Peter O'Reilly                         VENUE
              Membership Secretary:   P.O. Box476,
                                   BenUeigh  3204   TI1e Sun Theatre, 8 Ballarat St, Yarraville. The Sun Theatre is next to the Yarraville
              e-mail:    railway station and the station car park.

              CATHS-V Mail:        P.O. Box476,
                                   Bentleigh  3204   Cover: Prince Regent Theatre, Sale.  Courtesy Sale & District Historical Sociery
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