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~-----T_H_E_A_T_R_E_H_IS_T_O_R_I_ES ______ ~I  ~~  ______ Y_E_A_R_2_00_1_M __ EE_T_I_N_G_S ____ ~

                                                                     I.   Sunday February 2~
             95.   Capitol Theatre - Melbourne  by Rod Cook
                                                                    2.    Sunday April 29
                                                                    3.    Sunday June 24
             96.   Bercy Cinema - Melbourne  by John Holloway
                                                                    4.    Sunday August 26
                                                                    5.    Sunday October 28
             97.   Royal Princess Theatre- Bendigo  by Fred Page
             98.   ManJy At The Movies- NSW  by Jan Hanson
                                                                        MEMBERSHIP NOTICES
             99.   Warwick- South Queensland  by Denzil Howson

                                                               A size  I 0 thank you to  those 60 members who made the
                                                               effort  to  squander 5 seconds of their  life to write a  few
                                EVENTS                         words in the comments area when they were renewing their

             NOTE:  Meetings are now held on the ~ Sunday of the   As mentioned in the  renewal  slip, and  in the recent mail
             month at the Sun Theatre Yarra ville at  I 0.00 am.   of minutes and agenda, there will not be a continual string
                                                               of reminder notices. Anyone who has not renewed by now
             For any advertised CATHS group bookings, or to suggest   is not a member and will not receive any more CATHS-V
             an  outing,  please contact Brian  Miller on 9557-7446  to   correspondence.
             register your interest, and help with advance planning.
                                                               But we must be doing something right at CATHS as most
                                                               members from  last year renewed again  for 2000 - 200 I.
             February 17   Athenaeum Theatre inspection
                                                                               * * * * * * * * * *
             March 2      Roxy Cinema "She Done Him Wrong".
             Mid  March   Film Buffs Weekend
             March 31     Annual Weekend Tour - Central Viet.        Members please don~ forget to send your
             April  II    Regent Theatre Night - "Annie"            new details in  to the membership secreta~y
                                                                     if you have to suffer a change of address.
             ~,.__ ___ c_A_T_H_s_-v_A_R_c_H_Iv_E ___ ~I  I

                                                                        CUMNOCK MOVIE CLUB
             The archive will be open  between 9.30am and lpm on  the
                                                              The last issue of "Dress Circle - Tlte Movie Enthusiasts
             Saturday day before each  meeting.
                                                              Magazine" (the voice of the Cumnock Movie Club) there
                                                               were  featured  two  interesting  articles  on  cinemas  in
             This  is  the last Saturday of February, April, June, August
                                                               Bellingen, a town on the NSW no1th coast.
             and October 2000, and at other times by appoinhnent with
             the archivists.
                                                              The first  one was on the  Bellingen Open Air Theatre by
                                                              Vince Lovell.
             The Archive  is  located  at  the  Mechanics  Institute  Victo-
             rian and Local History Library,  140 High Street, Prahran,
                                                              The second article  featured  tl•e  Bellingen  Memorial  Hall
             Vic.  (near Chapel  Street tram or Prahran railway station).
                                                              and was written by Vince Lovell and  Les Tod.
             Please phone Dean Brandum or Gerry Kennedy to an·ange
                                                              I hear on  the grapevine that the Cumnock Movie Club  is
             an appointment  (see phone numbers on page 2)
                                                              receiving a little bit of interest from down south. Good news.
             ~---P_u_B_L_Ic_A_T_Io_N_s ___ ~l 1                                 APOLOGY

             Back issues of Cinema Record and various other excellent
                                                              A "technical" glitch occured in  issue 28. The title box of
             publications, compact disks, and videos are all available at
                                                              the  excellent article "Funny  by George", The George
             the CATHS bookstall at each meeting.
                                                              Wallace  Story,  literally slipped down over the  following
                                                              line of type; "Some baclcground notes on this fine tlocu-
             Bookstall items are also available by mail.
                                                              mentmy- by Noel Kerr".  Sorry Noel. It got past the proof
                                                              reading.  (Remember what  Joe  E.  Brown  said  to  Jack
             Contact Garry Saunders on (03) 9812-7227
                                                              Lemmon right at £he end of"Some Like It Hot")

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