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NEWSREEL                                                               by Martin Powell

             Brighton Dendy 4 Opens:  Palace have opened their new   1\vo New Screens for Mornington: The Mornington Cin-
             cinemas at the Dendy Brighton. The four screen cinema   ema is currently building two additional cinemas next door
             complex opened on  16 November 2000. For the last few   to their existing three screen cinema complex.
             months the Dendy has been undergoing a total refurbish-
             men!.  For some of the time the cinema was closed, then   Inflatable Screens:  German company Moviescreens have
             operating  with  reduced  hours as  the  renovations contin-  developed  an  innovative  inflatable screen ideal  for out-
             ued. A third cinema - which was added in the late 1990s -  door cinema shows. The AirScreen is  basicaUy an inflat-
             has been closed, and two additional, completely new cin-  able tube frame with screen, an alternative to conventional
             emas constructed. Renovations also included aU-new car-  aluminium  frame  construction.  After preparation  the
             pets and seating. The very heavy (3  tonnes), silver metal   AirScreen is pumped up in only a few minutes. The com-
             curtain from The Trak Cinema was installed in Cinema  I.   pany claims that their screen is safe in  difficult wind and
                                                               weather conditions, since the AirScreen does not break or
             New Library for Chapel Distribution:  The Astor News   tip over - it slightly  bows  like  a sail in  the wind.  In  the
             [ emai  I newsletter) of 15 November 2000 - Chapel Distri-  event of extreme weather conditions the AirScreen can be
             bution  is  pleased  to  announced  that  it  has  acquired  the   pulled down in a few seconds.
             MGMIUA  theatrical  film  library  for  Australia  and New
             Zealand, previously held by United International Pictmes.   Hitchcock's Rear Window at Astor:  Alfred Hitchcock's
             This includes all  the films  released  up to  October, 2000,   motion  picture suspense classic  Rear Window  is screen-
             and  a  substantial  number of prints from  the  back cata-  ing at The Astor Theatre  from  Sunday  November  12  to
             logue - including all the Bond and United Artists Woody   Saturday  December 2nd.  The Astor will  be screening a
             Allen  films.  (MGM  titles  after November 2000,  will  be   brand new Technicolor dye transfer print of the film, which
             released through FOX).                            has been newly restored by Robert Harris and James Katz,
                                                               the team responsible for the excellent restorations of Ver-
             Chapel  already  controlled  the pre-1986  MGM  titles   tigo, Lawrence of Arabia and Spartacus. Rear Window stars
             through  the Turner library which also  includes  pre-1949   James Stewart, Grace Kelly, Wendell Corey and Thelma
             Warner  Brothers  product.  This  latest addition  makes   Ritter.  It screens with a classic Hitchcock short.
             Chapel the largest distributorofCia!'sics titles. Chapel also
             has acquired  the libraries of Orion, Cannon and  the pre-  Another Summer for Shepparton Drive In:  In his latest
             Universal output of Polygram.                     newsletter [911112000) Steve McDonnell ofthe Shepparton
                                                               Drive-ln writes - "Fate Of The Drive-In: As we all know
             Major Capitol Works: The Capitol Theatre will officially   only too well the Shepparton Drive ln has been  living on
             close on 20th November 2000 for three months of intense   borrowed time  for  the past few  years.  The site was sold
             renovations.                                      recently to local developers The Copulos Group, who have
                                                               plans,  but  not  immediately,  so I  suppose "We will  keep
             A disability access lift will be installed allowing passage   screening till the Big Screen comes a tumbling down".
             from  the arcade below into the main foyer. This involves   This summer season is now safe and the Drive-In bas made
             the demolition  and reconstruction  of the ladies  toilets  in   it into a new millenium.  1957 to 200 I.  Not too bad.
             the foyer, which will  be located where the old candy bar
             currently  is. There  will  be a  disabled toilet,  plus  a  new   Leongatha:  Stadium 4 cinemas to open Nov.  30. A con-
             permanent ticket box  and a  new Manager's office, all  in   version of a former South Gippsland Council recreational
             the main foyer. The candy bar will be located temporarily   facility in the CBD area. Opening films include "Charlies
             in the upper foyer and time permitting, work will start on   Angels", "The Dish" and "Gone With The Wind"
             relighting both the main and upper foyers.
                                                               MorweU: The Morwell Revival Crusade Group have taken
             During the last  few  months the Capitol has taken receipt   a  lease on the  former  Village Twin  Cinema  in  Buckley
             of two  fully  restored  'star'  light fittings  which once had   Street, for the centre of their activities.
             decorated the stalls ceiling. The restoration of two more is
             planned.  Also  the original  curtains are currently being   FM Radio For The MusicaUy Mature
             evaluated for  repair and  eventual  return  and  rehanging.
             All  being well,  it  is  hoped  that this  work will  be  com-
                                                                For those who haven't yet disc~vered it yet, there is a
             pleted for the Capitol's reopening on  1st March 2001.
                                                                real radio station on the FM Band.  Said to be aimed at
                                                                the over 50's, "Golden Days Radio"  broadcasts from
             Craig Cahill was appointed Manager oftbe Capitol in April
                                                                Fridays to Mondays from the Caulfield Racecourse on
             2000.  Craig has a wealth of experience in the Australian
                                                                95.7 MHz.  (Lots of under 50's love it too).
             cinema and ente11ainment industry, spanning thirty years.
             Previously at the Capitol  in  1997 as manager, projection-  Reception varies in the Northern suburbs ofMelbourne
             ist and  programmer,  Craig  has  contributed significantly   and the range is not enormous elsewhere, but it is well
             over many years to community efforts to save the Capitol   worth a try.  They play real music.
             and to proposals for the viable operation of the theatre.

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