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                                                                          It is our sad duty to record the passi11g of
                                                                          our friend,  CATHs:v member, and cinema
                                                                          owner, Geoffrey Edwards.

                                                                          Geoff died at Kyneton on Thursday the 24th
                                                                          of August, aged 68, after a battle with can

                                                                          Geoff was a true entlmsiast in  all  avenues
                                                                          of his endeavour. Over the years he was an
                                                                          amateur photographer, sound recordist (he
                                                                          even cut his own records), a chorister, (loved
                                                                          Gilbert and Sullivan) and, of course, a keen
                                                                          projectionist- from the age of 14!  His fam
                                                                          ily was involved with "the movies" at
                                                                          Wedderburn in Cenh·al Victoria where his
                                                                          father and uncle installed "modern" sound-
                                                                          on-disc equipment after running silent pic
                                                                          tures for some years, so it seemed natural
                                                                          that in time Geoff would progress fi·om  hav
                                                                          ing an amateur interest in  cinema to  actu
                                                                          ally owning a "picture house". This he duly
                                                                          did in conjunction with  his sister and long
                                                                          time carer, Joan. The cinema we all  associ
                                                                          ate with Geoff is of course, "Cinema
                                                                          Charlton", formerly "The Rex".

                                                                          The Rex was purchased jointly by Geoff and
                                                                          Joan in 197 J.  Over the years, much work
                                                                          was done at Charlton. The cinema under
                                                                          went a number of upgradings and altera
                                                                          tions, tl1e  projection room ending up with
                                                                          two Philips 70/35mm projectors (the same
                                                                          machines which brought Todd-AO to Mel
                                                                          bourne), a 16mm Bauer and a modem
                                                                          "Smart"  sound system.

            Geoff lived for Cinema Charlton- But he also had been involved with cinemas at, the Mechanics Hall  in Gisborne, The
            Theatre Royal in Castlemaine and at The WycheproofHaiJ. He also worked for some years at the AudioVisual Centre of
            the Education  Department of Victoria.

             In  a  taped  interview with Geoff at the time of the CATHS-V visit to Charlton in  1996, Geoff said that he  wanted to
            obtain his  35mm Projectionist Licence,  but  to  do  so he  had  to  work  as  an  assistant (or apprentice)  to a  practising,
             licensed operator. The large cinema chains in Melbourne were not in the slightest bit interested in employing a disabled
            n·ainee (Geoff was a victim of polio as a boy). So not to be out-done he decided that to achieve his aim he could purchase
            his own cinema and act as an assistant to an employed projectionist while he received his formal training, and so satisfy
            "The Powers That Be!"

            So Geoff became an apprentice at Cinema Charlton. Joan was in effect the employer, and the theatre's projectionist,
            Vince Dabron, who was involved with the construction of the theatre in  1938, "trained" Geoff. Vince and other mem-
            bers of the staff at Charlton were all supportive of Geoff and I know that this support, particularly of recent years, was
            greatly appreciated by both Geoff and Joan. Geoff was also very much an archivist. He collected many fascinating items
            of history relating to the twentieth century and I am sure that this aspect ofltis endeavours will become better known as
            time goes by. Already some cinema details have been passed onto CATHS-Y, and the ABC bas made use of his archival
            sound recordings!

            We will  all  miss Geoff.  Those who  knew him  well  will  remember his tremendous spirit and detem1ination.  Geoff's
            funeral  was held at  the  Uniting Church,  Wedderburn, on  Tuesday 29-8-2000 at  1.00 pm. A thanksgiving service was
            held at the Uniting Church, Duncan Street Fairfield, 30.8.2000 at 7pm.   Text and Photo:  Peter Wolfenden

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