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in the 3rd quarter of 2002.                                          purposes since closure in 1963,
          Anderson’s 5 screen complex at                                       thankfully the wonderful facade and
          Sunbury is now due to open mid 2002,                                 most of the interior has remained
          and their Victoria Gardens 8 screen                                  intact. Sadly the current proposal is to
          multiplex in Richmond is due to open                                 divide the original large, two-level
          late 2002.                                                           auditorium to form 3 small cinemas.
                                                                               (Much like its sister theatre, the Capitol
          New Hoyts cinemas for Ringwood                                       at Warrnambool).
          and Blacktown
          Hoyts have began construction of a 12                                Greater Union and Birch Carrol
          screen multiplex at Ringwood,     Above and below: The former Rex Theatre  & Coyle: New multiplexes
          Victoria. The complex may include a  in Daylesford. Photos: Kevin Adams.  On 29 November 2001 Greater Union
          VIP style concept cinema, similar to                                 opened a new 9 screen multiplex at
          Hoyts’ La Premiere at Chadstone.                                     suburban Hornsby, north of Sydney.
          Hoyts are also building a new 12                                     The new multiplex may put the future
          screen multiplex at Blacktown in New                                 of the local Odeon Theatre at risk. And
          South Wales, to replace their exisitng 4                             GU is due to open a new complex at
          screen complex there.                                                Shellharbour, Wollongong NSW, on
                                                                               20 December 2001.
          Myer Music Bowl re-opens                                                 Birch Carrol & Coyle (owned by GU)
          After a $21 million refurbishment,                                   projects include Earlville 6, Cairns;
          Melbourne’s Sydney Myer Music Bowl                                   and Sunshine Plaza, Maroochydore:
          has recently re-opened. The canopy  Daylesford Rex multiplex plans   refurbishment of existing 6 screens plus
          cladding has been completely replaced  It is reported that the long-closed,  construction of 6 additional screens. In
          and new facilities installed. A huge 20  Spanish style, Rex Theatre at  Brisbane, GU have merged their city
          metre screen is to be installed for  Daylesford, Victoria, is to be re-  operations with Hoyts. GU-Hoyts have
          summer film screenings, which     developed by Ballarat-based Anderson  built a new 8 screen multiplex on the 6th
          commence on 16 December 2001.     Theatres. Although the 1928 Rex has  level of the Myer Centre, replacing the
          been used for a variety of retail  original Hoyts 8 that was in the basement.

          South Australian news
          Following hot on the heels of  opened as the “Princess” and
          the Melbourne Westgarth      was renovated in 1941 as the
          Theatre’s 80th birthday, are a  “Ozone”; finally becoming the
          couple of significant “single  “Chelsea” in 1971.
          screen” celebrations in suburban  On a sadder note, we note
          Adelaide…                    the passing of a rural ozoner at
            The wonderful art-deco     Port Elliot, South Australia.
          Capri in Goodwood celebrated  The former Southcoast Drive-In
          60 years on 8 October 2001. It  Theatre went out in style on
          had opened as the “New Star” in  April 28. A gala night was held
          1941 and was later renamed the  which attracted a full-house of
          “New Curzon” then the “Capri”.  eager film fans keen to attend
            The (1925) Chelsea Cinema  this coastal drive-in which has
          in Marryatville celebrated its  entertained locals and
          76th birthday on November 24  holidaymakers alike since  Above: The Chelsea Cinema in Marryatville.
          this year. The theatre originally   opening in 1959.     Below left: The Port Elliot Drive-In Theatre.
                                                                   Below: The Capri Theatre in Goodwood.
                                                                   Photos: Kevin Adams.

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