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CINEMA AND                    From the Editor....
                                                    Welcome to another edition of CinemaRecord. I’m
                        C A  T  H S              pleased to present another 32 pages absolutely jam-packed
                                                 with photographs and fascinating articles, news and
                                                 histories from the pens of our own CATHS membership.
                HISTORICAL                SOCIETY
                        VICTORIA  INC.              And how our membership has grown - not only to every state of Australia, but
                                                 also globally, with members now spread from Alaska to New Zealand; California
                                                 to London and even New York! If only I could entice each of you to put pen to
                                                 paper and write about your local theatres or even your personal memories.
                                                    Looking at the old ads on the back page of this edition, I was horrified to
                                                 realise that of the fifty one venues advertised as recently as 1975, sadly only 9 of
           The official journal of the Cinema And
                                                 them are still showing movies. We have lost so much of our cinema heritage and
           Theatre Historical Society Victoria Inc.
                                                 it seems so little is now left.
           ISSN 1443-3664 • Published quarterly
                                                    Whilst the story going around that the former Melbourne State (Forum) is to
                           ★                     be gutted for apartments is (hopefully) just a terrible rumour, Wollongong
                   Editor: Kevin Adams           residents are at this moment fighting to save their beloved Regent Theatre from
                           ★                     demolition. We must be ever diligent if we are to save what little remains of our
                                                 cinema and theatre heritage before it is too late.
                 CinemaRecord Artwork:
                                                    I do hope you enjoy this edition and revel in the many memories it is bound
            Bill Kerr, Optimum Design 9419 4144.
                                                 to bring. - Kevin Adams, Editor
           The main aim of CATHS and this
           publication is to accurately document and
           create an archive of the history of cinema   NOW SHOWING!
           and theatre in Victoria.
              Input in the form of articles,
           constructive criticism, and substantiated
           dispute of printed matter is welcome, and  4  Letters
           necessary to enable us to reach our
                                                 5    Newsreel
              Opinions expressed are those of the  6  THEATRE HISTORY   : Mildura Ozone
           Editor or contributors, and unless    10   Gippsland Tour
           expressly stated so, are not necessarily
                                                 12   THEATRE HISTORY   : Richmond Theatre
           those of the Cinema And Theatre
           Historical Society - Victoria Inc.    16   Her Majesty’s - A Photographic Essay
              Articles printed in CinemaRecord   18   A Visit to the Drive-In
           should not be reproduced without the
                                                 20   Final Fade-Out
           permission of the author or the editor.
              All photos are from the collection of  21  Lolly-Boy Days
           the person or organisation stated unless  22  THEATRE HISTORY  : Echuca’s Paramount
           otherwise indicated. Every effort has
                                                 26   Collecting Movie Posters
           been made to trace the ownership of all
           copyrighted picture material. In the event  28  Marvellous Memories
           of any questions arising as to the use of  31  Member’s Picture Gallery
           any material, the author and publisher
           will be happy to make the necessary
           corrections in future printings.              COMING SOON!
           Contributions and suggestions for
           CinemaRecord are most welcome. Please
           contact the Editor if you are planning
           to write an article for the magazine.
           We may be able to assist you with                                    The Regent Theatre, Gardiner
           information, contacts, etc and it will help
           us with forward planning.
                           ★                                                    Cinema in Donald
                  Contact: Kevin Adams
               Telephone: 9465 6942 (1-9pm)
                   Mobile: 0409 950 887                                         Mayfair Theatre, Gardenvale
                Postal Address: PO Box 476,
                  Bentleigh, Victoria, 3204
                                                 Front Cover: Her Majesty’s Theatre, Melbourne. Photo: Kevin Adams.

                                                                                       CINEMARECORD 2002     3
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