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Hoyts acquisition of the Ozone chain  c1966) as well as at
          in urban and country South Australia.  the two Drive-In
             A standby generator plant was   theatres (until 1979
          installed in 1961 at the back of the  and 1984).
          stage house (on the right hand side).  The Mildura
          Being virtually at the end of the  Development
          Victorian “ power line” necessitated  Corporation then
          the installation of this equipment to  decided to build a brand new smaller
          ensure continuity of supply. The   cinema in 1975, called the Deakin,
          growth of competition from television  which is situated in Deakin Avenue.
          (introduced into the Sunraysia district  This cinema began as a single screen,
          in the 1960’s ) and the opening of two  became a twin and finally, after the
          drive-in theatres in the city (in 1958  acquisition of another property, a four
          and 1963) contributed to the decline in  screen venue in 1996. The Deakin
          attendances at the Ozone.  The theatre  Cinema Complex is now the sole
          closed on Wednesday 23 June, 1971  commercial cinema operating in the
          with a screening of “Ryan’s        Sunraysia District. ★
          Daughter” and Mr. H.C. Williamson  References:
          of Hoyts Theatres Ltd. (S.A) advised  Colin S Flint (CATHS-V member)
          the Victorian Health Department that  The Building Magazine-24 March, 1939
          the theatre was to be sold for     The Film Weekly - 7 September, 1939
          redevelopment.                     Victorian Public Records Office
                                             “Builders of Melbourne” – Mary Turner Shaw.
             The theatre stood dark for some
                                             Photos: CATH’s Archives    Ads: G. Kennedy
          years and almost experienced a re-
          opening by the South Mildura
          Development Corporation (Mr. E.
          Andriske, Secretary) who were the
          operators of the Crossroads Drive-In
          Theatre, in 15th St. However the
          company decided that restoration of
          the theatre would be too costly; the
          costs of operation too high, and the
          size of the house inappropriate for
          modern screening policies.
             The theatre was eventually
          demolished and a new Commonwealth
          Bank building was built on the site.
          After the closure of the Ozone (the
          last hardtop in the area), films were
          screened on a regular basis in the
          Mildura Arts Centre Theatre (built
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