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CATHS-V TOURS                                                         Eighteen theatres, functional and
                                                                                closed, were the agenda for a five
                                                                                day tour. CATHS-V’s multi skilled
                                                                                Secretary, Mike Trickett was
           Northern Victoria and Riverina(NSW)                                  organiser, tour leader and ‘coach
                                                                                captain’ transporting 18 members
                                                                                more than 1500 km. Vice President,
                              9 – 13 October 2002                               Peter Wolfenden was navigator and
                                                                                Brian Miller acted as scribe.

                                                                                Day 1: Wednesday 9 October
                                                                                   The single level Star Theatre in
                                                                                Chiltern is at rear of the Star Hotel.
                                                                                Originally films were projected from a
                                                                                biobox on the outside wall of the stage
                                                                                to a screen on the rear wall of the
                                                                                auditorium. The projectors could be
                                                                                swivelled 180 degress for open air
                                                                                screenings. The former port holes can
                                                                                be seen in the rear stage wall.
                                                                                   Today The Star runs nostalgia
                                                                                screenings using a 16mm portable
                                                                                projector. About 100 old style, tip up
                                                                                timber seats are used. One screen size,
                                                                                Academy ratio, is used. Red and gold
                                                                                stage curtains have been installed.
                                                                                   The next visit was to Bob and
                                                                                Margaret Adkins 16 seat home at
                                                                                Chiltern which includes a museum of
                                                                                associated collectibles. The cinema has
                                                                                two Australian C&W P5 and an Eiki
                                                                                16 mm machine. The C&W’s are
                                                                                mounted on swivel bases, a common
                                                                                feature of country installations whee
                                                                                the projectors could be used in a hall
                                                                                or and swiveled for an associated
                                                                                outdoor screening.
                                                                                   Bandiana Army Camp Cinema is
                                                                                near Wodonga (population 29,000) on
                                                                                the border with New South Wales.
                                                                                Most forces camps have modern, well
                                                                                equipped cinemas and Bandiana is no
                                                                                exception. The cinema’s utilitarian
                                                                                metal clad exterior belies the modern
                                                                                design of the single raked floor
                                                                                auditorium that seats 394. The interior
                                                                                walls feature a turquoise, compressed
                                                                                straw cladding and the carpet is an
                                                                                aboriginal design in maroon and blue.
                                                                                   The air-conditioned cinema
                                                                                includes a crying room. The spacious
                                                                                projection room includes a Bauer U3
                                                                                projector with Xenon lamp and
                                                                                Panastereo sound.
                                                                                Day 2:
                                                                                   Albury Cinema Centre at 546
                                                                                Dean St, Albury (NSW) was a trip
                                                                                highlight. This six-screen complex
                                                                                includes the original 1927 Regent
          Top down: Bandiana Army Camp cinema.
          Two circle views, Regent Theatre Albury.

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