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The additional screens were
                                                                                constructed next door in the 1970’s and
                                                                                90’s. The original Regent seated 1286
                                                                                but only the circle of 520 seats is used
                                                                                as Cinema 1. Circle patrons were once
                                                                                able to stroll out to a roof garden where
                                                                                a waterfall disguised the cooling tower.
                                                                                   Most of the projectors are
                                                                                Cinemaccancica, with a Bauer in
                                                                                Cinema 2 (240 seats). Cinemas 3 –6
                                                                                have 156 seats. A large screen has been
                                                                                installed in front of the proscenium in
                                                                                Cinema 1. Village Theatres now have
                                                                                an interest in the locally owned
                                                                                Cinema Centre.
                                                                                   In Wagga Wagga (population
                                                                                43,000) the group visited the City
                                                                                Council’s Civic Theatre. This
                                                                                attractive building faces the
                                                                                Murrumbidgee River. The Civic, built
                                                                                in 1962, is of brick, concrete and
                                                                                colourbond construction and features a
                                                                                refurbished (in 2000) stadium style
                                                                                auditorium. It is a multi purpose
                                                                                performing arts venue.
                                                                                   The Forum Six Cinemas,in
                                                                                Wagga Wagga opened in 1996. Box
                                                                                Office Promotions also own cinemas in
                                                                                Orange and Tamworth (NSW). A
                                                                                feature of the complex is the large
                                                                                columned portico entrance, at the rear
                                                                                of a carpark. The sizes of the stadium
                                                                                style auditoria are: 300 seats (2
                                                                                cinemas), 188 seats (2 cinemas) and
                                                                                156 seats (2 cinemas).  All cinemas are
                                                         From top:              equipped with Simplex projectors with
                                                         Civic Theatre Wagga    digital surround sound.
                                                         Wagga; exterior and    Day 3:
                                                         auditorium views.
                                                                                   A short journey west brought the
                                                         Roxy Leeton            group to Leeton (population 6600)
                                                         Inside the Roxy; the   where the famous Roxy Theatre,
                                                         ‘boxes’ are like organ  designed by the specialist theatre
                                                         chambers.              architects Kaberry & Chard dominates
                                                                                the roundabout in the main street.
                                                                                   Opened in 1930 this substantial
                                                                                brick building is a two level theatre
                                                                                with direct access to the circle from a
                                                                                small main foyer. The auditorium is a
                                                                                twenties design – extended balconies,
                                                                                unusual boxes and a trellis lined
                                                                                ceiling. The theatre seated 1091 but is
                                                                                now configured for 880. In 1933
                                                                                Gladys Moncrieff sang for a a special
                                                                                five night season to inaugurate a new
                                                                                stage and orchestra pit. The local
                                                                                Shire Council purchased the theatre in
                                                                                1977. It is managed by a community
                                                                                committee that has developed the
                                                                                theatre into a fine performing arts
                                                                                centre/cinema. The refurbishment
                                                                                principle has been to retain as much of
                                                                                the original character as possible.

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