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Kino                              Padua                                 An early cinema of High Street,
            Up-market art-house cinema in      A fondly remembered Hoyts cinema  Kew. Much later, the Collins Street
          Collins Place Melbourne.          of Sydney Road, that came complete  Rialto Building included a Rialto
            Origin: Kino is the German and  with a revolving stage.            Theatrette.
          Russian  word for cinema.            Origin: Much visited tourist and   Origin: Rialto means ‘high bank’ in
                                            pilgrimage city of northeast Italy. Padua  Latin. The famous Rialto bridge of
          La Scala
                                            was one of the principal university  Venice was once the only means of
            Two 1960s venues for continental
                                            cities of Europe and a cultural, artistic  crossing the Grand Canal without a
          films, one at Footscray, the other  at
                                            and scientific centre between the 13th  boat. It houses shops and around the
                                            and 16th centuries. The most complete  bridge are fish, fruit and vegetable
            Origin: Known simply as La Scala,
                                            collections of the works of Giotto and  markets. When the wooden bridge was
          Milan’s Teatro Alla Scala which
                                            Donatello are housed there.        to be replaced by stone, the design
          opened in 1778, is arguably the world’s                              contest was awarded to Antonio da
          premier opera house. Maria Callas  Palladium                         Ponte over various architects, including
          attained legendary status here. Verdi’s                              Michaelangelo.
          top hat and casts of the hands of many
          famous composers are on display in its                               Rivoli
          museum.                                                                 Acclaimed art deco cinema of
                                                                               Camberwell. The name is said to be
                                                                               Robert Mcleish’s homage to his
            Its superior location in Bourke
                                                                               favourite street in Paris.
          Street’s theatre district seemed wasted
                                                                                  Origin: Rivoli is the first large town
          on a Hoyt’s action-house.
                                                                               west of Turin and the seat of the House
            Origin: The Lyceum was a school                                    of Savoy. An imposing baroque castle
          founded just outside Athens by                                       is now the Museo dell’Arte
          Aristotle, circa 336BC. Aristotle, who                               Contemporanea. Napoleon won an
          tutored Alexander the Great, lectured at                             important battle here in 1797,
          the Lyceum on a variety of subjects.                                 commemorated in France by the Rue de
          The last head of the Lyceum was                                      Rivoli, one of the better-known streets
          Andronicus of Rhodes who edited                                      of the right bank.
          many of Aristotle’s works for
          publication around 60BC.                                             Tivoli
                                            In this statue by Rodin, Orpheus covers  Bourke Street’s famous home of
                                            his eyes so as not to look upon Eurydice  vaudeville, which hosted a galaxy of
            The third and last cinema on
                                            as he leads her out of Hades. This was  domestic and international stars.
          another prominent Bourke Street site
                                            the condition of her release.         Origin: A much-visited town near
          (in the Mall), and the first design to                               Rome, and location of the Emperor
          eliminate a proscenium. The site is now  A 1960s Bourke Street cinema  Hadrian’s villa, constructed between
          a shopping arcade through to Little  venue built out of a department store,  A.D 118 and 134. The original villa
          Collins Street.                   which underwent a number of name   occupied 120 hectares of buildings and
                                            changes including East End Cinemas.
            Origin: The Odeum, commissioned                                    sculpture inspired by Hadrian’s travels
          by Pericles for Athens, featured a   Origin: In Greek legend, an image  in Greece and Egypt.
          pyramidal roof to improve the acoustics  of Pallas Athene (Palladium) fell from  Related: The Tivoli Gardens of
          for voice and musical performances. In  heaven and became ‘the luck of Troy’.   Copenhagen.
          Roman times, the difference between a  There are several theories as to how
          theatre and an odeon was that the latter  Pallas became linked to the goddess  Trocadero
          had a ceiling while a theatre was open air.  Athena. One says that as young girls  A Hoyts picture house in the heart
            The architect Herodus contributed  playing, Athena accidentally killed  of Footscray.
          three fine structures for performing  Pallas with her javelin and then adopted  Origin: As well as the beauty of its
          arts; the Odeon below the Acropolis (as  her name as a form of tribute and  gardens and fountains, the Place du
          discussed), the Odeon of Corinth and  repentance. Another is that Athena slew  Trocadero, Paris offers a superb view of
          the stadium of Delphi.            a giant named Pallas.              the Eiffel Tower. Trocadero is also a
                                               Related: London’s famous Music  fort in the south of Spain, the scene of
                                            Hall.                              a famous French victory. In 1827, a re-
            One of the former names of the                                     enactment of this victory was
          Classic, Elsternwick.             Rapallo                            performed at what is now the Place du
            Origin: In legend Orpheus was able  Upstairs auditorium of the     Trocadero.  ★
          to charm wild beasts with the music of  ‘twinned’ State theatre.
          his lyre. With this extraordinary gift,  Origin: The most famous resort
          Orpheus was able to negotiate the  town on Italy’s Riveria di Levante and
          release of his wife Eurydice from  hide-away for literary notables D. H.
          Hades. An excavated Orpheum (theatre)  Lawrence and Ezra Pound. Hemingway
          is at Pompeii.                    also spent time there.

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