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Melbourne has 375 commercial
          cinema screens, more than before
          television, and 25 new ones are on the
          way. Yes, the population has grown
          since the fifties, but more than 25
          percent of Melbourne’s cinemas lose
          money every year and David predicts
          that this figure will soon reach 33
            The logical way around the crunch
          is for company pooling at key locations
          as happens in Sydney, but in
          Melbourne, no group seems to want to
          make the first move.
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          Heritage Listing for the Rivoli.
            The February meeting of Heritage
          Victoria approved the addition of the
          Rivoli East Hawthorn to the State’s
          Heritage Register. A submission by
                                            The sleek exterior of the Chelsea, Adelaide. Image: John Thiele.
          Village Cinemas supported the
                                             More Screens for Chelsea
                                               Plans to give the heritage listed
                                             single-screen Chelsea at Kensington
                                             Park three additional screens may
                                             finally win council approval. The break
                                             through was the outcome of talks
                                             between Wallis Theatres and the
                                             Marryatville Shopping centre developer
                                             to share car parking spaces.
                                               Burnside council, which owns the
                                             historic theatre purchased land next
                                             door in 1999 for additional screens, but
                                             at the time concluded that ‘insufficient
                                             car parking could jeopardise the
                                             project.’ Wallis Theatres manager Mr.
                                             Bob Parr said that a single screen
                                             cannot hold a large enough audience
                                             for long enough. ‘There’s a policy that
                                             says you have to screen films for five
                                             weeks but you just run out of
                                             Forum Verandah Still in the
                                               Long an accidental target for
                                             passing or turning trucks, the newly re-
                                             constructed verandah of the Forum
                                             Flinders Street (Melb.) looked a picture.
                                             Alas, within weeks the pristine look
                                             was gone (see right).
                                                                               The Forum verandah, neat and straight,
                                             CATHS Meets With Director of
                                             ScreenSound                       but it is just as vulnerable to new damage.
                                                                               Images: David Smith
                                               Secretary, Mike Trickett and Vice
                                             President, Peter Wolfenden met with
                                             the new Director of ScreenSound,
                                             Dr. Paolo Usai in his Melbourne office
                                             in March.

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