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Tacked-on poster boards and the sky sign ‘Hoyts Best and Most’ accentuated the ugliness of the building.
            T.J.West died on 30 November 1916  Author's comments:              4. The Kinematograph and Lantern
          at the age of 61 years in Essex, UK.  This article is largely based on  Weekly: Pictures in Australia; London,
            West’s Pictures or Wests had been a  reports in the British trade journals of  27 August  1908.
                                                                               5. The Kinematograph and Lantern
          household phrase in Australia. At its  the time. On the surface, one would
                                                                               Weekly: News and Notes, The Olympia
          peak, his organisation employed over  think that these journals would be
                                                                               Melbourne; London, 15 April 1909.
          800 people. He burst on to the cinema  reliable primary sources. I am not so
                                                                               6. The Handbook of Kinematography,
          scene in its raw, infant days, and for a  sure, and have tried to verify the facts
                                                                               Colin Bennett F.C.S., The
          short time showed the direction in  from at least two sources.       Kinematograph Weekly, London, 1913.
          which it could go.                   Articles and reports in such    7. The Bioscope: Foreign News,
            In July 1918 the theatre became  magazines were often the product of  Melbourne; London, 8 July 1909.
          Hoyt’s Lyceum, which operated for a  the publicity arm of a showman’s  8. The Bioscope: Foreign News,
          few years. This venture should not be  enterprise and frequently produced ‘in  Australia; London, 21October 1909.
          confused with the Bourke Street theatre  the heat of the moment’! On reading  9. Board of Health File: Public Records
          that later came under Hoyt’s control.  many of the reports, this becomes
                                                                               10. Table Talk Australia, 16 September
            After Wests/the Lyceum was      obvious.
          demolished in 1926, the multi-storey  Various publications refer to West  11. The Bioscope: Foreign News,
          YMCA building rose on the site, taking  as having established Australia’s first  Australia; London, 11November 1909.
          full advantage of a prime location.  purpose-built cinema in 1906. I could  12. The Kinematograph and Lantern
            Unlike the situation within the  find no evidence to support that claim.  Weekly: Australian Trade Growing;
          executive ranks of Arthur Russell’s                                  London, 23 July 1908.
          fledgling Hoyts, there was apparently                                13. The Kinematograph and Lantern
                                            Chris Long and Ross King assisted  Weekly: News from Other Countries;
          no successor within West’s organization
                                            with research for this article.    London, 18 November 1909.
          to maintain or build on the founder’s  I also thank Frank Van Straten for some  14. The Bioscope: Foreign News,
          achievements.                     further insights.                  Australia; London, 23 December 1909.
            The Bioscope referred to West as:                                  15. The Bioscope: A World-wide
          A man whose influence on the industry                                Organisation; London, 27 October
                                            1. The Kinematograph and Lantern
          was invariably for the good. T.J. West                               1910.
                                            Weekly: The World’s Biggest Picture
          will long be remembered with respect                                 16. The Bioscope: Death of T.J. West -
                        (16)                Theatre; London, 14 October 1909.
          and appreciation.  ★                                                 Australia’s Pioneer Exhibitor; London,
                                            2. The Melbourne Argus, 17 September  7 December 1916.
                                            3. The Kinematograph and Lantern
                                            Weekly: Australia's Biggest Picture
                                            Exhibitor; London, 28 October 1909.

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