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Norma Drinan                         In CR56 Letters p.4 the address of  NSW: Wayne Hammond.
            In some circles Norma Drinan was  contributor Stephen Jones was given as  Vic.: John Acott, Helen Chappel,
          a Melbourne icon, first as head   Hobart. Stephen lives in Geelong.  Brian Collinson, Keith Davies,
          usherette at the Metro Bourke Street,  New Members                   Paul Davies, Lex De Vries,
          and then, when MGM sold their
                                               The CinemaRecord team belatedly  Bruce Jurgens* John Koutsoumis,
          theatres, at the Bercy and Forum. She
                                            but warmly welcomes the members    Mark Heylbut, Marjorie Leighton,
          was virtually sold with the furniture by
                                            who joined in 2007. The benefit of a  Tatiana Mauri, Bryan Putt,
          Metro, who requested GU to retain her
                                            CATHS’ Queensland chapter can be
          services. Her iconic stature however,                                Trevor Rasmussen, William Solomon*
                                            seen in the number of sign -ups from
          came about for the wrong reasons.                                    SA: Marty Smith,
            Miss Drinan (as she was always                                     International:
                                            Queensland: Harry Barker,
          called) was an Australian product of the                             Marc Zimmermann, Malta
                                            Bert Clements, Regis Danillon,
          Hollywood of the thirties to early                                   * A rejoined member
                                            Gale Dalgleish-Barker, Peter Ney,
          fifties. This was when floor staff were
          chosen for their dress sense,     Carole Petersen, Ron Wakenshaw,
          deportment and personality. Norma had  Arthur Walker, Peter Wickerson,
          them all!                         Sylvia Yates.
            Larger and more eye-catching
          hairstyles began to appear on booking
          clerks and usherettes and Miss Drinan             The New: Cineplex Victoria Point Qld.
          went well beyond the best of them.
          These comments are not in any way
          meant to denigrate this wonderful lady,
          for I loved her dearly.
            Norma’s hair became an object of
          hilarity, mostly behind her back,
          although not always. MGM moved her
          into the box office (which some say had
          to be extended to accommodate her
          hair), and I have many stories of her
          encounters with visiting stars who, like
          Gloria Swanson when appearing on
          Michael Parkinson with Dame Edna,
          could not believe that they were face to
          face with someone who knew more
          than them about dressing to the hilt.         The Old Renewed: Warburton Mechanics  Vic.
          Interestingly, Norma made sure she was
          never photographed.
            It was to the credit of both MGM
          and GU, that she was (mostly) regarded
          with affection. In retirement, she lived
          in a terrace house in North Fitzroy with
          her sister, who pre-deceased her. The
          sad thing was, so I am told, that no one
          attended her funeral. This distressed
          me, as I certainly would have paid my
          respects, had I known.
          - Maurice Scott
          Maurice was manager of the Metro                  The Forgotten: Hoyts Cinema City WA
          Collins Street and Metro Bourke
          Street when they were MGM theatres.
            Peter Broome identified the 20th
          Century Fox representative in the
          Capitol staff photo (CR57 p.15). He
          was long-time Victorian manager
          Arthur Jepson.
            In CR 57 p.8 two names were
          scrambled. The Manager of the Oatmill
          Cinema Mt Gambier is Teena Wastell
          and the owner is Shane Fulwood.
                                                                      Image: Peter Jackson

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