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          Historic Restorations
            The Gaiety at Zeehan on the west
          coast, is ready for a lessee after years of
          neglect and a four-year restoration. The
          developers hope that the 1898 building
          will stage live theatre again. Zeehan was
          once Tasmania’s third biggest town and
          the Gaiety was the social hub,
          important enough to rate on the J.C.
          Williamson touring circuit. Performers
          would come in by steamer or train and
          then go on to Launceston and Hobart.
             The Paragon Queenstown re-
          opened 1 January 2009 after three years
          of restoration by Dr. Alex Stevenson,
          formerly from Zimbabwe. A large   The Gaiety, extreme left c.1910
          Indian community in the town ensures
          that the Paragon will be screening  NEW ZEALAND                      CORRECTIONS
          some Bollywood films.
                                            Plaudits for Allan Webb            Metro Twin Drive-In
          Village Plans Upgrades                                                  The stated location of the holding
            Launceston’s Village Cinemas in                                    yard at the Metro Twin Clayton was
          Brisbane Street could double in size as                              incorrect (CR61, caption, p 17). It was
          part of an overhaul to provide digital                               in the immediate foreground of the
          and 3D technology. Council’s planning                                photo.
          scheme prevents Village from building                                GU Hindley Street, Adelaide
          above its existing height, but Village is
                                                                                  Cinema5 Hindley Street showed its
          exploring other options. One is to buy
                                                                               last film on Sunday 24 August to
          next door and extend the existing four-
                                                                               enable the largest auditorium to be
          screen complex eastwards. Another was
                                                                               prepared for a church service on
          a move to a greenfields site, possibly
                                                                               Sunday 7 September. The remainder of
          the old Inveresk bike track.
                                               In January 2009 Allan Webb,     the complex closed on Wednesday 17
          South Australia                   proprietor of the Regent Te Awamutu,  September.
          Wallis Glenelg Closes             the Waikato’s only surviving provincial
            The biggest and best-known      cinema, clocked up 35 years as sole  Reporting By:
          landmark at the city end of Jetty Road  exhibitor, manager and projectionist.   Qld: Steve Maggs
          closed on Sunday 1 February 2009.    In a widely distributed e-mail, Allan  Vic: Brian Hunt, David Kilderry.
          While Cinemas 2 and 3 went dark after  thanked ‘all of you good people that  Tas: Ray Peck, Roderick Smith
          normal sessions, Cinema 1 hosted a  helped make this possible, especially  SA: Brian Pearson, Colin Flint
          free screening of Gone With The Wind.   when things have been very precarious,  NZ: Tony Froude, David Lascelles
            The theatre opened as Waterman’s  for without your co-operation and
          Ozone on 5 November 1937 with,    assistance I wouldn't have made it.’  NEW MEMBERS
          appropriately, A Star Is Born, since it  Allan’s longevity in the cinema business  The CATHS Committee and
          immediately became the premier    is thought to be a record for NZ.  members welcome:
          cinema of this holiday and festive   The Regent will be 77 in March. It  David Bliss
          precinct. The symmetry of first and last  is now a five-screen complex, with the
          film will be obvious to CATHS readers  latest projection and sound systems.    Ken Boucher
          - both David O. Selznick productions  More DVD Venues                Anthony Buckley
          from the golden years.                                               Gavin Cowern
                                               Shoreline at Waikanae, opened on  Stephen Dench
          Cloud Over Chelsea Cinema         22 January 09. The bigger cinema is a
            A closed-door meeting of the    44-seater with 35mm projection. The  Paul Dickinson
          Burnside Council on 27 January    other has couch seating for 25 and uses  Graeme McCoubrie
          debated selling the 84 year-old   commercial DVD. The venture is     Kail Nathan
          heritage-listed site. Clearly sensitive  popcorn free.               Phillip Snider
          about public opinion, the proposal took                              Keith Stevens
                                               Shoreline came into existence
          cinema insiders by surprise.
                                            because Reading, with four-screens at  Colin Wiseman
            Wallis Cinemas lease the single-  Paraparaumu initially refused to show
          screen venue. Plans to extend to three  art-house films, but the big company
          screens, on the books since 2000,  wasn’t caught napping; it started DVD
          always get deferred. The view is that if  screenings of ‘smaller’ films in late
          put on the market, Wallis would not be  October.
          a prospective buyer.

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