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                                                                                      NORTHERN TERRITORY:
                                                                                         ALICE SPRINGS: A consortium
                                                                                      of local business figures has bought the
                                                                                      4.8ha heritage-listed former (1965)
                                                                                      Pioneer/Starline Drive-In Theatre for
                                                                                      $1.3 million. They plan to create a
                                                                                      residential estate with more than 80
                                                                                      affordable villa-style houses to help
                                                                                      alleviate the crippling housing shortage
                                                                    Photo by Colin Flint
                                                                                      in Alice Springs. The developers hope
                SOUTH AUSTRALIA:                                                      to preserve the badly vandalised theatre
                                                                                      screen and projection room for
                   ADELAIDE: The Adelaide Festival    HINDMARSH: The $52million
                                                                                      historical display - but not at the drive-
                of Arts is set to become an annual event  redevelopment of the Entertainment
                                                                                      in site. An earlier proposal to convert
                from 2012.                         Centre has been completed. A new
                                                                                      the theatre into a luxury resort never
                   MAGILL: The historic Magill     2500-seat live venue has been built  went ahead.
                Institute building has been sold for  together with a large domed entrance
                $1.1 million for conversion to offices.  foyer to cater for both the Arena and
                                                   Theatre. A tram line extension from
                   GLENELG: Wallis Cinemas has
                                                   North Terrace to Hindmarsh also
                appealed two Holdfast Bay Council
                                                   opened to the public on 22nd March.
                decisions to knockback its
                redevelopment plans for the former  TASMANIA:
                Ozone/Glenelg Cinema Centre.
                Applications for mixed restaurant/office  SCOTTSDALE: The former Lyric
                projects were refused by the lack of on-  Theatre and adjoining office is for sale
                site car parking being given as the main  at $180,000. Whilst a new roof and
                reason. This applies to all new projects  repaired walls have been undertaken,
                once the building has been demolished.  sadly most of the theatre itself was  DARWIN: Hooligans caused more
                                                   stripped back to a bare shell during  than $20,000 damage to the Casaurina
                                                   renovations.                       Cinema Complex. The vandals slashed
                                                                                      screens whilst the cinema was empty
                                                                                      and exited via a back door, with the
                                                                                      damage not found until the next day.

                                                                                         LOWER WONGA: The triple
                                                                                      screen Wonga Drive-In Theatre
                                                                                      situated 30kms from Gympie is closed
                                                                                      and for sale by Mortgagee Auction. The
                   VICTOR HARBOUR: The revised                                        sale includes the 20.23ha 300-car
                plans for a shopping centre at                                        capacity theatre site complete with
                Encounter Bay no longer include a                                     projection and café equipment plus a
                cinema complex.                       DEVONPORT: The art-deco         three bedroom house.
                   GOODWOOD: The Capri Cinema      former Star Theatre building now used
                closed between February 22 and March  as a retail store is on the market for
                3 for installation of a replacement air-  $1.4 million. It currently comprises the
                conditioning plant costing a cool  largest available retail space in the
                $200,000.                          CBD and can be sold as vacant
                   ADELAIDE: The 308-room
                Crowne Plaza Hotel built on the site of
                the former Academy Cinemas is now

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