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                                                    of a Lost


             The Trak Cinema

                                                     By Craig Cahill
                                               and dedidicated to the late
                                                 ANDREW GRAINGER
             he Trak Cinema, at 445 Toorak                                        The auditorium itself was stadium
         TRoad in the Melbourne suburb of         • Trak Projectionist •       style divided into two sections, front
          Toorak was opened in 1969.                                           and rear, and one entered via a tunnel
                                                                               half way down the theatre. The
            The cinema was incorporated into
                                                                               auditorium has an “oval” or perhaps
          the basement of a new multi-story
                                                                               “egg” shape being larger at the rear.
          building that took the place of the
                                                                               The walls were clad in stained plywood
          original (1938) Village Theatre that
                                                                               that curved into the walls — so there
          closed in 1958 and was lost in a
                                                                               were no parallel walls, thus improving
          disastrous fire in 1963.
            Designed and built by Hansen and
          Yuncken, the cinema itself was                                          The auditorium lighting was
          incredibly modern for its time.                                      originally fluorescent tubes cleverly
                                                                               concealed inside the walls and reflected
            It was built inside a shell - the
                                                                               through orange perspex rectangular
          auditorium was housed inside this
                                                                               “tubes” however, in later years this was
          “shell” and one could walk around this
                                                                               changed to incandescent lights given
          shell from the bio box, right through to
                                                                               there had always been a problem
          the back of the stage without entering
                                                                               dimming the fluro’s.
          the auditorium.
                                                                                  The decor was wildly colourful with
                                                                               carpet consisting of bright red and
                                                                               purple squares, which was also used
                                                                               throughout the entrance foyer. There
                                                                               were 550 low-backed, black leather
                                                                               seats but the most stunning and
                                                                               attention grabbing feature was the
                                                                               immense, stainless steel stage curtain.

                                                                               Above and left: Opening night crowds
                                                                               enjoyed “The April Fools” and support
                                                                               program “Le Bicyclettes de Belsize”.

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