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          VICTORIA                             GLENFERRIE: Despite initial
                                            council approval, plans to open a
            ALBERT PARK: The former Dux     cinema complex in the old Glen
          Theatre, up for auction again as  Theatre building raised objections from
          recently as June 8, has had an    local residents over noise, parking and
          application for its demolition and  traffic concerns. These issues and the
          replacement with 6 dwellings refused  council’s refusal for an outdoor screen
          by council. A VCAT appeal is pending.  have been before a VCAT appeal.
            CHARLTON: The Rex Theatre                                            CHRISTCHURCH
          (1938) remains boarded up six months
          after the devastating floods swamped
          the town. Restoration has been heeded                                   EARTHQUAKE
          by an oversight in obtaining insurance.
          On-going fundraising efforts are hoped                                    hristchurch could get at least one
          to enable a re-opening by Christmas.                                  Cnew suburban cinema complex to
                                                                                 make up for those lost in the Canterbury
            MELBOURNE: Built out of the
          (1965) Waltons Department store, the
          former Village City Centre which                                       Cinema owner Rodney Cook is planning
                                             Rear of Glent.                      a three-screen theatre in the south of the
          housed the Village Cinema Complex
          and company offices from 1985 is
          being sold with an expected sale price  NEW ZEALAND                    He lost the Metro Gold Cinema near
          of $100-million.                                                       Cathedral Square in the February quake
                                               WELLINGTON: Reading               and has been evicted from the Academy
                                                                                 and Cloisters at the damaged Arts
                                            Cinemas have announced that they are
                                            moving their World Accounting Office
                                                                                 The Hoyts Moorhouse Ave, Reading’s
                                            from New York to Wellington. The
                                                                                 The Palms cinema, the Rialto cinema
                                            company will also install 3D at
                                                                                 and the Regent on Worcester have all
                                            Invercargill and HD at Napier and
                                                                                 been closed since the February quake.
                                            Rotorua, but will not renew their lease
                                                                                 The Regent is being demolished with its
                                            on their Hastings complex when it
                                                                                 landmark dome removed and roof
                                                                                 dismantled. It was the last of nine
                                               RANGIORA: The Regent is now       cinemas in Cathedral Square.
                                            open again after repairs were completed  Owner Phillip Carter is keen to rebuild
            OFFICER: A multi-screen cinema  due to last September’s earthquake.  on the site, but said the form and use of
          complex is hoped to be developed in a  Surprisingly the Council owned  the new building would depend on the
          new $30-million shopping and council  building suffered no damage in the  new city plan.
          administration centre for a site near the  February quake and lease holder Pat  Hoyts Riccarton has been reduced from
          Officer Railway station.          Walsh is back in business. Closure also  seven to five screens and re-opened on
                                            allowed Pat to do some improvements  March 19 as did their Northlands
            CAMBERWELL: Village                                                  operation. Hoyts Moorehouse suffered
                                            which will be of benefit to patrons.
          introduced Gold Class to their Rivoli                                  significant damage and is unlikely to re-
          Cinemas from Thursday 9th of June.   PALMERSTON NORTH:                 open.
                                            Downtown Cinemas have put on hold
            BAIRNSDALE: The 3-screen                                             The Rialto is now effectively closed,
                                            development of their new cinema      with staff made redundant, and a
          Cinema Centre has been renamed Sun
                                            complex at Paraparaumu after         question mark hanging over its future.
          Cinema Bairnsdale since its recent
                                            existing retailers objected to a candy-
          take-over by Michael Smith (of the Sun                                 Due to after-shocks on June 13, Reading
                                            bar for the cinemas saying the selling  Cinemas had no date for reopening their
          Theatre at Yarraville) and Anthony
                                            of drinks and ice-cream would take   cinema at The Palms Shopping Centre.
                                            away their business.                 They had been unable to access the
                                                                                 building, but despite the known damage,
                                                                                 believe it is all repairable.
                                                                                 Former Rialto Christchurch manager
                                                                                 John Hunter has started a new company
                                            Colin Flint; Craig Cahill; Tony Froude;
                                                                                 il Piccalo Cinema to screen art-house
                                            Roderick Smith; Mike Trickett; David
                                                                                 films at Lincoln University and is
                                            Kilderry; Alan Webb; Brian Hunt;
                                                                                 looking for a space in the city centre to
                                            Ian Williams; David Lascelles;
                                                                                 screen more films.
                                            Kevin Adams and others.
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