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GOODWOOD: The (1941) art-deco Capri
                                            Cinema  celebrated its 70th birthday in
                                            style with a week-long festival of classic
                                            films, nostalgia and music featuring its
                                            famous organ from October 4-9.

                                            KENSINGTON       PARK:    Burnside
                                            Council has resolved to retain ownership
                                            of the  Chelsea Cinema and have been
                                            reviewing “Expressions of Interest” for
                                            its further use. Council is keen for it to
                                            continue as a cinema, however operators
                                            since 1971, Wallis Theatres, are continuing
                                            - but now only under a short-term
                                            lease arrangement.
                                            BALLARAT: On October 22, a massive
          GOODWOOD: On the morning of October   hail and rain storm inundated many houses   PRESTON: The  former  Planet Theatre
          31, the  Capri Cinema was rocked by an   and businesses - including the historic  Her   was demolished during October-November,
          explosion from a leaking natural-gas mains   Majesty’s Theatre where the audience was   clearing the site for a large-scale apartment
          pipe in the adjoining street.   The incident   evacuated as a precautionary measure.  building. The cinema had been used as retail
          damaged some of the stalls floor and seating                         premises for over forty years, but original
          and also blew out a side exit door and front                         ceiling opalene light-fittings remained in the
          window. Several people inside the building                           closed-off balcony until demolition.
          were unhurt, and the cinema was closed for a
          day, re-opening using only the balcony.                              Rumours abound that the historic  Astor
                                                                               Theatre has been purchased by two
          WILLUNGA: The 1891 Show Hall is set                                  business-men.  The 1936 building is
          to re-open as  Cinemallunga after a local                            owned by St.Michael’s school but has
          enthusiast secured a $2600 grant from                                been operated by lessee, George Florence
          Onkaparinga Council to help upgrade                                  since the mid 80s.
          equipment. Used as a cinema for over 30
          years from the 1930s,  classic, art-house                            MELBOURNE:  Three brand new digital
          films and the amateur film work of locals   CARLTON: Expressions of interest for   auditoriums have been added to the  Kino
          will be featured.                 the lease of the former  Carlton Movie-  Cinemas by utilising the former foyer space
                                            House have been sought now that the   and creating a new box-office/candy bar at
          PROSPECT:  The Maras Group plan to                                   the entrance.
          build a 3-storey retail complex with shops   real-estate office tenant has departed. The
          and restaurants at ground level and a multi-  1909 building was converted into a cinema   NORTHCOTE:  The  triple  screen
          screen cinema complex above. Maras plan to   in 1924 and then into retail space after   Westgarth Theatre has turned 90 and
                                            movies ceased in 1999.
          partner with Palace-Nova at the site on the                          celebrated the event on October 19 with a
          corner of Prospect Road and Rose Street.   CHADSTONE:  The  Hoyts Complex   special champagne and movie screening of
                                            farewelled film projection in October   Midnight In Paris.
          ADELAIDE:   Regent   enthusiast  and  with 35mm equipment going straight into
          respected cinema historian, John  Thiele                             CROYDON: The  Croydon 4 Cinemas
          has released his lush new book “When the   dump-masters as the cost of recycling   closed unexpectedly recently but will be
          Wurlitzer reigned in the Mighty Regent”.    was deemed unworthy. All 44 Hoyts sites   re-launched on Boxing-Day, revitalised
          288-pages of magic!               across Australia are expected to be fully   and renamed  Plaza Cinemas and under
                                            digital by next year.
                                                                               the operation of Metro Cinemas at nearby
                                            NORTHCOTE:  The Regal Ballroom,    Boronia. The Kinoton projection equipment
                                            in the 99-year-old former  Northcote   is to be recommissioned, a damaged screen
                                            Theatre will complete a large circle when   repaired, and a total rebuild of the candy-bar
                                            it becomes Melbourne’s newest live music   will take place.
                                            venue in December.
                                            PORTLAND:  At auction in early
                                            October, the  Star Cinema was passed
                                            in following a vendors bid of $450,000.
                                            The 240-seat cinema (in the former
                                            dress-circle) closed in August. The large
                                            943-square metre site has been on the
                                            market for $550,000 and may be subject
                                            to redevelopment, although there is keen
                                            interest for a cinema to be included.
                                            MARYBOROUGH: The  Paramount
                                            Theatre celebrated its 85  birthday
                                            on October 15-16 with a nostalgia film
                                            program that reflected the long and
                                            colourful history of the 1926 theatre.

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