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MELBOURNE: Originally opened as
          the  Alexandra Theatre, and rebuilt in the
          1930s after a disastrous fire, the historic
          Her Majesty’s Theatre in Exhibition Street
          celebrated its 125  Birthday in October.
          WONTHAGGI:     Wonthaggi  Cinema
          converted to digital projection on December
          15.  The upgrade also included new Kris
          speakers throughout.
          QUEENSLAND:                       NEW ZEALAND:

          MALENY: 35mm projection ceased in   HORNBY:  After 20 years in operation   CATHS awarded Federal
          October as the rejuvenation of the (1955)   the  Movieland Cinema closed on the
          Community Centre continues. Removal   18  November. Demolition will allow for   Community Heritage Grant
          of asbestos; recladding of the hall and   expansion of the shopping centre.
          backstage extensions have already been                                 The Cinema &  Theatre Historical Society
          completed and further upgrading will   CHRISTCHURCH: Closed since the   (CATHS); the Mechanics’ Institutes of
          involve hall ventilation, lighting and seating   earthquake, the  Reading 8 Cinemas at   Victoria (MIV) and the Australian Railway
          and rebuilding of the two-storey frontage   the Palms Shopping Centre reopened on   Historical Society (Vic.) have been awarded
          including entrance, projection-room and   November 16  with the World Premiere of   a total of $6957 of a federal Community
          veranda.                          When a City Falls - an intimate documentary   Heritage Grant to fund cataloguing of their
                                            which follows the lives of Christchurch   collections. The three groups all house their
          LOGANHOLME: A  giant  “HyperMax”   residents in the immediate aftermath of the   collections in the Victorian History Library
          megascreen has been installed at the   February earthquake.            at the Prahran Mechanics’ Institute.
          Hyperplex 12 Cinemas  and opened on
          November 17  with the release of the film   BOWICK: Bridgeway are expected to open their   The grant was announced at the National
          Twilight: Breaking Dawn - Part One.   new 5-screen complex in time for Christmas.   Library of  Australia in Canberra, on
                                                                                 November 8, 2011. This year, grants worth
                                            HAWERA:  The City Council says this   $408,000 have been distributed to 82
                                            venue will close if business does not pick up   community groups and organisations from
                                            over the Christmas period.           around Australia to assist in the identification
                                                                                 and preservation of community owned but
                                            PUKEKOHUE:  A Fijian businessman     nationally significant heritage collections.
                                            with NZ interests will open a new 3-screen
                                            complex in December that will be     The grant money is used for significance
                                            capable of handling both film and digital    assessments, preservation needs assessments,
                                            projection formats.                  conservation  treatments,  preservation
                                                                                 training, digitisation, and purchasing
                                            WELLINGTON:     The   two  (digital
          BRISBANE: Tribal Cinemas management   projection) 70-seat art-house cinemas in the   quality storage materials or environmental
          exited on November 25 at the end of the   Embassy Theatre opened on December 8.   monitoring equipment.
          Brisbane Film Festival, however there has   Situated in an Event Cinemas venue, they
          been interest shown from new exhibitors to   will be operated under the Rialto umbrella.  CATHS President, Gerry Kennedy also
          take over.                                                             attended a three-day intensive preservation
                                                                                 and collection management workshop
                                            AHURIRI: A 39-seat DVD theatrette called
          BRISBANE: The auditorium of the Regent   the  Globe has opened to good attendances   held at the National Library, the National
          Theatre has been progressively demolished   in the Crown Hotel. Other hotels are now   Archives of Australia, the National Museum
          since July to enable the construction of a   looking to follow suit.   of Australia and the National Film and Sound
          high-rise office tower that will utilise the                           Archive in Canberra.
          heritage-listed theatre foyer - the only section   WELLINGTON: Reading Cinemas are
          of the 1929 building that will remain.    installing the first Titan XC screen. It covers   Mr Kennedy said the grant was important in
                                                                                 supporting the effort to preserve and provide
                                            an area of almost 200-square metres and   access to the unique collections of these
                                            is three storeys high with a bigger, clearer   three groups at the grassroots level. “While
                                            picture and louder sound.            the grant provides the funds, the workshop
                                                                                 offered the expertise to help us protect our
                                            HAMILTON: The  huge  Event Cinemas   collections and make them accessible in the
                                            complex at Centre Place is to close due to   future,” he said
                                            disastrous trading since Hoyts opened their
                                            6-screen complex The Base in August.  Director-General of the National Library of
                                                                                 Australia, Ms Anne-Marie Schwirtlich, said
                                            Newsreel Contibutors:  David Lascelles, Ian   the CHG program showed the commitment
                                            Williams, Crosley Carpenter, Stephen Jones,   by the National Library, along with its partner
                                            Gordon Turnbull, Kevin  Adams, Colin Flint,
           Photo by Steve Malone.           R                                    institutions and the Federal Government,
                                            Roderick Smith, Gerry Kennedy, Steve Maggs,
                                            R                                    in encouraging communities to care for the
                                            Robert Taylor, Steve Malone, Brian Pearson,
                                            Pete Smith, David Kilderry, Kay Branton
          NATIONAL:                         P                                    nation’s heritage.
                                            and many others…
          20  Century Fox will cease distribution                                “It is all about working together to
                                                                                 help spread the message that if we
          of 35mm prints of their movies starting in   Please send any news snippets to the   don’t preserve our history now, it could
                                            editor - your contribution will be most
          2012 in Hong Kong and Macau. Digital only   welcome and much appreciated.    be lost forever.”
          distribution is on its way!       Email:
                                                                                   CINEMAREC ORD  2011       7
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