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CINEMA AND               From the Editor…
                          THEATRE                This bumper issue of CinemaRecord has you covered coast-to-coast with 40-pages
                          C A   H S              of news, history and memories from all over Australia.
                                                 The fantastic colour cover photos from Brian Pearson givesa great introduction to
                                                 Jeffrey Wheare’s extensive article on the long and fascinating history of  Adelaide’s
                  HISTORICAL       SOCIETY       art-deco Wests Theatre.
                        ESTABLISHED 1989         Treasured  suburban  and  country  theatres  of  all  shapes  and  sizes  are  also
                                                 remembered  with  interesting  stories  and  reminiscences  from  as  far  away
                                                 as Brandon in Queensland and Esperance in Western Australia…and many
                                                 points in-between!
                                                 As always, CATHS has remained very active with numerous social and research meetings as well as a recent
                                                 major tour of Tasmania and its theatres. With so much to share and enjoy, why not introduce some new people to
                The official journal of the Cinema And  CATHS and CinemaRecord - and join-up a new member or two?
                   Theatre Historical Society Inc.        Continued growth is the key to the long-term survival for any group, so let’s all make the effort.
                                                                    Please enjoy Issue 74 of CinemaRecord – I believe there is much here to enjoy!
                ISSN 1443-3664 • Published quarterly                                                      Kevin Adams,
                               H                                                                               Editor.
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                     Editor - Kevin Adams
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                  The main aim of CATHS and this
                publication is to accurately document
                and create an archive of the history of  have  been  purchasing  back  copies  of
                cinemas and theatres. Input in the form   I CinemaRecord,  and  have  come  across
                of articles, constructive criticism, and   the article “A short history of the Cinema”
                substantiated dispute of printed matter   (CR-6, 1995 - author unknown).
                is welcome, and necessary to enable us   The  article  included  mention  of  “Smell-
                      to reach our objective.    O-Vision”  and  “Sensurround”  and  part
                 Opinions expressed are those of the  of  that  section  read:  “Two  other  novelties
                  Editor or contributors, and unless  were  “Smell-O-Vision”and  years  later,
                expressly stated so, are not necessarily  “Sensurround”.  Smell-O-Vision  worked
                  those of the Cinema And Theatre  through  individual  odour  outlets  installed
                      Historical Society Inc.    in  each  seat  in  the  cinema.  The  process
                  Articles printed in CinemaRecord  was  controlled  automatically  by  electronic
                should not be reproduced without the  signals on the “smell-track”.

                permission of the author or the editor.  During  the  course  of  a  film  called  Scent  of   The 1960 film Scent of Mystery was produced
                 All photos are from the collection of  Mystery,  the  audience  received  controlled   by Mike Todd Jr. and this seems to be the
               the person or organisation stated. Every  whiffs of over thirty different smells appropriate   only appearance of the technique.
                  effort has been made to trace the  to the on-screen action. Among the smells were
                ownership of copyright. In the event of  boot polish; pipe tobacco; bread being baked;   On February, 2009, The Institute of Contemporary
                 any questions arising as to the use of   a  salty  ocean  breeze;  garlic;  carnations;   Arts  in  London  screened  Peter  Greenaway’s
                any material, the author and publisher   peppermint; coffee; lavender; gun smoke; train   film  The  Cook,  The  Thief,  His  Wife  and  Her
                                                                                    Lover. The audience was provided with “scratch
                 will be happy to make the necessary   smoke and fresh air.”        ‘n’  sniff”  cards  to  complement  the  scenes  on
                   corrections in future printings.  I have been able to ascertain that several attempts   the  screen.  I  have  not  been  able  to  ascertain
                  Contributions and suggestions for  have been made to link smell and vision. In 1916,   how  many  “scratch”  areas  were  contained  on
                 CinemaRecord are most welcome.   the Family Theatre in Forest City, Pennsylvania,   the cards.
                 Please contact the Editor if you are   introduced  a  scent  to  the  audience  during  a   Ken Newell.
                 planning to write an article for the   newsreel  item  covering  a  game  at  the  Rose   East Bentliegh. Vic.
               magazine. We may be able to assist you   Bowl. A wad of cotton-wool, soaked in rose oil,
                 with information, contacts, etc and it   was placed in front of an electric fan, which was
                 will help us with forward planning.  switched on at the appropriate time. For such an
                                                 athletic event, perhaps rose oil was not the most
                               H                 appropriate scent to be used?
                     Contact: Kevin Adams
                    Telephone: 0409 946 066      Smell-O-Vision,  already  mentioned,  was
                 Email:  probably  the  most  determined  effort.  The   Somthing to Share? Letters, Feedback
                                                                                     & News. Your contributions will be most
                   Postal Address: PO Box 476,   technique was the brain-child of Hans Laube.  welcome and much appreciated!
                     Bentleigh, Victoria, 3204                                      Email:
                                                             FRONT & BACK COVER: Wests Theatre in Adelaide.
                                                             Colour photographs by CATHS member, Brian Pearson.

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