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                                      CINEMA AND

              ST.KILDA:    Port  Phillip  Council  have
              released  new  plans  for  the  triangle  site  on
              the foreshore. This includes expansion of the
              heritage-listed Palais Theatre, a 200-space car
              park, bars, restaurants and more open and live
              performance/music  spaces.  The  draft  plan  is
              open for community consultation until July 20.
              Renovations and repairs to the Palais exterior
              have already been underway - including a new
              roof installed over the old.

                                                 SAWTELL:  The  First  Avenue  Cinema
                                                 is slated for closure due to the prohibitive
                                                 cost  of  converting  from  film  to  digital
                                                 projection. The cinema has been managed
                                                 by three generations of the Brissett family
                                                 for more than seventy years, but the family
                                                 have  decided  that  $80,000  to  convert  to
                                                 digital  projectors  plus  another  $30,000
                                                 to make them 3D is not viable in today’s
                                                 financial climate.

                                                 PADDINGTON: The former West's Olympia
              NEW SOUTH WALES:                   Theatre building that later housed the Odeon/
                                                 Mandala/Academy  Twin  Cinemas,  has
              LEICHARDT:    The  heralded  $4million   been put up for sale by its Greek Community
              addition of four new screens, new bar and an   owners.  Besides  the  empty  cinemas,  the
              upgraded foyer at the Palace Cinemas will   massive building also includes retail and office
              be delayed until after Easter 2013 to avoid   space and a basement nightclub.  Expressions
              cancelling the lucrative film festival seasons   of interest for refurbishment or development   DARLING   HARBOUR:   Sydney’s
                                                                                    Imax  Theatre  may  be  demolished  and
              about to commence.                 closed June 28.
                                                                                    rehoused  in  a  huge  new  86  metre-high
                                                 TERREY  HILLS:  Citing  zoning  issues,   office/retail building.
              BIRMINGHAM  GARDENS:  Friends  of
              the  Regal  Cinema  hosted  a  Remembering   Sydney East Joint Regional Planning Panel
              the  Regal  night  on  April  21  recalling  the   voted  to  refuse  the  application  by  United   HEDDON  GRETA:    The  45-year  old
                                                                                    Heddon-Greta  Drive-In  Theatre  (ex.
              people  and  events  that  created  the  cinema   Cinemas to build a new $20-million outdoor   Skyline)  has  had  no  choice  except  to  up
              and  celebrating  the  80th  anniversary  of  its   cinema, restaurant and bulky-goods store.  admission  prices  in  order  to  off-set  the
              home, the Heaton and Birmingham Gardens                               expensive  installation  of  digital  projection
              Community  Hall.  Hopes  are  still  high  that   FAIRFIELD:  Closed  for  many  years,  the
              the popular cinema may still be re-opened.  stripped-out Forum Cinema re-opened for   equipment.  The  new  format  will  however
                                                 one night of glory on April 21 when it played   mean quicker access to new-release movies.
              MANLY: Refurbishment has been underway   host to the Shortcuts Film Festival.  SYDNEY: The  magnificent  State Theatre
              at the Manly Twin Cinemas. Cinema Two                                 recently  celebrated  its  83   birthday  since
              has been repainted and received new drapes.   DUNGOG:  The  shuttered  James  Theatre
              Improved  sightlines  and  additional  seats   will come to life again for the annual Dungog   opening on June 7 in 1929.
              have also added to the improvements.  Film Festival.                  HOMEBUSH:  The  former  Hoyts  Vogue
              Photograph provided by Allan Webb                                     Theatre  is  to  be  demolished  for  the
                                                                                    construction  of  housing  development  to
                                                                                    contain  some  600  units  of  accommodation
                                                                                    within three towers. The façade of the derelict
                                                                                    building is to be retained and restored.

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