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Historical Society of Australia Inc.


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The Cinema and Theatre Historical Society of Australia Inc was formed in Melbourne, Australia in 1989. It is now a nation-wide society, with members is all states, as well as several overseas countries.

The Society’s aims are -

• To foster an interest in the architecture, history and heritage of cinemas and theatres in Australia and New Zealand.

• Record the history of cinemas and theatres in the form of books, magazines and audiovisual materials

• To maintain an archive collection of cinema related documents, photos, etc.


• Provide public access to the collection for the purpose of cinema research  and related matters

• Seek to preserve theatre and cinema buildings and artifacts

• Organise events to facilitate inspections for documenting and photographing of cinema venues.

• Conduct regular meetings for members.

CinemaRecord -

Our magazine is produced quarterly and is posted to all members as part of their membership subscription. It is available to the general public at $12.00 per copy (post paid) from three months after publication.

The magazine documents and records the history of our cinemas and theatres, as well, we cover the people who worked in them and the equipment and techniques involved.

The DECEMBER 2018 edition was our 100th Issue.