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           Before production of "Soldiers Of The Cross" in 1900, the Limelight Division of the Salvation Army in
           Melbourne had produced at least forty short films, ranging in duration from one minute to a minute and forty

           Apart from depicting Salvation Army activities, these films covered a diverse range of subjects, from
           documentaries of Walhalla and Bendigo, to the departure of the Victorian Naval Contingent for the Boxer
           Rebellion in China, in June 1900.

           The reason these films were so short was because the Lumiere Cinematographe used for the presentation
           of these Limelight Productions had a maximum spool capacity of 1 00 feet, or a running time of just over 90

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                     The Rear View Of 1219 Dandenong Road Murrumbeena Today
                 This is the area where the tennis court was. Portions of "Soldiers Of The Cross", including the
                 scenes where the lion was attacking the Christians were filmed in 1900

            OMNIMAX                                                                                 by Ed

            What do you do when you go to Singapore? Shop till you drop. No!  You go for dinner the night you arrive at
            Newton Circus outdoor Hawker Centre and have some of the best chili crab and sate's in the world, and the
            next day you go to the Singapore Science Centre and see OMNIMAX.

            There are 8 one hour sessions each day. At the start of the session the house lights go out and the lights
            come on behind the screen, enabling you to see the dozens of speakers behind it. A warning comes on at
            the start of the film advising you to close your eyes if you start to feel queasy at any time. OMNIMAX is
            described in the leaflet supplied as "one of the finest motion picture systems in existence today". It uses the
            largest film frame in cinematoghraphy. The frame is 70mm in height rather than in width (this makes the
            frame 10 times larger than a standard 35mm frame), and the film travels horizontally through the projector ..

            This is the most advanced projector ever built, 20,000 watts of high fidelity six-channel sound and a spe-
            cially designed high tech theatre. With OMNIMAX images of unsurpassed size and impact are projected
            with a 180 degree fish-eye lens to fill a huge dome screen, visually encompassing the audience. The system
            provides an amazing sense of involvement - a bit like sitting under a giant white umbrella
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