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89.  GLEN PICTURES  - RUTHERGLEN                                         Barry T.  Deas

              Glen Pictures opened in the Rutherglen Town Hall on July 29,  1920. Robert Young also had a cordial factory in Murray
              Street. which generated the power to run  the equipment. Worth noting. the films shown on the opening night were ·'The
              Money Coral" and .. The Resound Angel'". The old Town Hall is now the stage area of the Memorial HaU.

                                      Soldiers Memorial Hall c.  1996  (photo: Geny Kennedy)

             During the building of the present Memorial Hall in July 1926 Robert moved the Glen Pictw·es to temporary premises in
             Burrows Grain Store in Audley Street,  now  Francis' Transport Depot.  He then  moved  back to  the Rutherglen  Soldiers
              Memorial  Hall  in  1927.

             The foundation  Stone was laid by Dr. J.  R. Harris. J.P.,  M.L.C., on the 30th September,  1926. The Memorial Hall  was
             opened on the  12th July,  1927 by Lord Somers. K.C.M.G., D.S.O., Governor of Victoria.  He also unveiled the Honour
             Roll of those men who enlisted from the District. In January, 1952 Bernaldo &  Baring placed an iron girder, 45 foot long.
              weighing 1.4 tons to extend the balcony.  This increased the seating by 70. The present Library &  Supper Room were
             built in  1955. The former Supper Room became the R.S.L. Rooms.

              Robert Young arranged  for a  film  to be taken of the opening ceremony of the hall. A representative of the '"Melbourne
             Leader'", during Wine Week at Rutherglen, took a moving pictures of the town &  district, and its various activities. The
              film  was forwarded  to  Mr.  J.C.  Stanton, Secretary of the  Rutherglen Wine Growers Association. Arrangements  were
             made with Glen Pictures to screen the film on Wednesday, November 21, 1928.
              Robert Young sold Glen Pictures to Charles Gordon in April.  1929. In June of 1929 Charles Gordon installed a new plant
             showing the first TALKIES. A new screen was erected in 1956, the frame work 27 x  15  feet.  The screen, about 24 x 13
             After 35 years Charles Gordon sold the business to  Allan &  Graham Baker in April,  1964.  The last film screened by
             Charles Gordon was "Pocketful of Miracles··. The first films screened by Allan &  Graham Baker on the 11th April,  1964
             were "H.M.S. Defiant" and "Its Trad Dad". Baker Bros. carried on  until January  14th,  1967. Their last films were "The
             Satan  Bug" and  ''The  Clown  &  The Kid". With  the  lease to expire  in  1969, the Baker brothers  sold  all  the existing
             equipment to the Rutherglen Shire Council for $1600.

              In April  L967  the Rutherglen Shire Council called tenders for the sole right to exhibit  motion pictures in  the Memorial
              Hall.  With projection and sound equipment, seating capacity of 625, with confectionery etc. at foyer kiosk for a tenn of

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