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Whenever I could I tried to close the
                                                                               to Melbourne. “I think it could be re-
          traveller on a trailer or film                                   •   developed.” This and other comments
                                             •• • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• • • •
          advertisement and open it on the main  •• NEWSREEL               ••  have drawn the ire of locals passionate
          feature, the screen at full width.                               •
                                                CINEMA, THEATRE &              about the history of St. Kilda.
            We usually had a CinemaScope    •                              ••
          short as well as the cartoon in the first  ••  SHOWBUSINESS NEWS •   More Screens for Doncaster?
          half. I once tried closing the curtain on  • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• •  The application for a 12-screen
          the cartoon and re-opening it on the                                 complex at Shopping Town is likely to
          ‘Scope film, but disaster! The audience  Albury Cinema Boom          be considered by Manningham Council
          thought that the closing curtain meant  Construction of three additional  in December.
          interval. End of experiment!!!    cinemas for the Albury Cinema      Get Into It
            At least I can conclude on a high  Centre will create a Gold Class    The City of Greater Bendigo
          note. The Regent seasons of Singin’ In  cinema, an Art House cinema and a  encouraged publicity for local groups
          The Rain and Oliver! both used the  third screen similar to Cinemas 2, 3, 4,  when it sponsored Get Into It at the
          familiar painted cloth as main drop, but  and 5. Owner Mr. Tony Smith said that  Town Hall on 5 October. Fred Page
          the imported The Merry Widow sided  the additions will make the Centre the  organized the CATHS display that
          with tradition – the might red house  largest and best equipped in regional  included a light box display of glass
          curtain came into its own – BRAVO!  Australia. The heritage character of the  advertising slides of film titles
          Ian Williams, Balwyn              original cinema will not be        (courtesy of Alan Windley), a model
                                            compromised. The work is expected to  theatre with working curtains (hard to
          CATHS Rules                       be finished for Easter 2004.       say who was more intrigued, the Mums
            The revised articles of Association                                or their children) and a scrap book of
          are some of the best I have seen, but of  Lunar Goes Triple          local theatre histories. About 40
          course they would be in an organization  Lunar Drive-In Dandenong opened  CATHS brochures were distributed.
          run by projectionists and theatre men  its third screen on 18 September, 50
          and women.                        years to the month after the decision to  Shorts
                                            build the Skyline Burwood was
            Ken Newell’s article on the Argosy                                 •  Eddie Tamir (Classic Elsternwick)
                                            announced. The revival of the
          (CR 40) reminded me of my time with                                     is refurbishing the Cameo Belgrave.
                                            Dandenong site is the work of Anthony
          hand-fed arcs at Longford. We were                                      A four-cinema complex will open
                                            Madigan and Mathew and David
          always so busy we didn’t have time to                                   Boxing Day. The plans include an
                                            Kilderry. Hundreds of photos and facts
          go and see other theatres.                                              outdoor screen.
                                            on drive-ins in Victoria can be found on
          Ray W. Peck, Underwood (Tas.)                                        •  Films have returned to the Kyneton
                                            the website:
                                                                                  Town Hall.
          Slides to Video or DVD          •  The former Hoyts Croydon may re-
            If anyone has cinema slides they  A Shot at the Palais                open under new management.
          would like to have copied to video or
                                               The Palais Theatre St. Kilda turned  •  The derelict Paragon Queenstown
          DVD, I would be pleased to do this for
                                            76 on 11 November, but it got attention  (Tas.) is to be refurbished by a
          them. Any CATHS members who have
                                            for other reasons. The Herald Sun (13  Hobart doctor. At Zeehan a local
          visited my theatrette will have seen the
                                            Nov.) reported comments by prominent  committee is trying to do the same
          result of these transformations. My
                                            citizens on the best and worst aspects  for the former Gaiety.
          interest is solely for the satisfaction of
                                            of the city. Melbourne 2006 Chairman
          preserving an aspect of cinema history.
                                            Ron Walker was quoted as saying that  REPORTING BY: Gerry Kennedy,
          Phone me on 5127 47754 or use
                                            the Palais represented 1920’s      David Kilderry, Fred Page, Eric White

                                            Hollywood and was no longer relevant  and Alan Windley
          Peter Ricketts, Moe.
          A Member of the Orchestra
            Does anyone remember Reginald
          John Murphy who as a young man
          played the piano in the orchestra of the
          State theatre? Reg. later became a
          teacher and taught in western Victoria.
             I had been wondering what
          happened to the old State when I came
          across the Marriner website. The
          CATHS website is wonderful too, with
          its views of the Capitol. Such treasures
          you have down there.
          Kevin Walters, Toowoomba Qld.

                                            Assembling the new screen at the Lunar drive-in.

                                                                                       CINEMARECORD 2003     5
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