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The design was the result of a
          commission by Tsar Nicholas II for the
          Russian court, after a visit to Paris in
          1896. Manufactured by Baccarat, and
          known as the Tsar candelabra, this pair
          were probably made in 1911. Each one
          comprises 3,500 pieces of crystal.
            The tenth anniversary souvenir of
          Capitol News described them as ‘...two
          lofty electroliers of intricate woven
          crystal.’ The candelabra were presented
          to the Arts Foundation of Victoria by
          the Town Hall Property Co. Pty Ltd.
          and the Central Theatre Co. Ltd., the
          original owners of the theatre.
          Adelaide Loses Regent
            In costume and in mourning, film
          lovers united on 28 January 2004 to
          farewell the Regent theatre in Rundle
          Mall. A sell-out crowd climbed the
          marble steps to Cinema One, the least
          modified section of the original theatre,
          to be greeted by former manager Ted
          Winter 88, who started there part-time
          at age 13. The feature was a Regent hit
          The Seven Year Itch. The entertainment
          ended an hour overtime in a hail of
          streamers, a few tears and rendition of
          Auld Lang Syne.
            The building façade is heritage  Top: The marquees say it all. Above: Cinema One retained some original wall and
          listed, but the future for the interiors is  ceiling decoration.
          uncertain. Not surprisingly, there have
          been calls to bring back the full-scale                              Regent Wollongong Threatened
          Regent, in the same way that
                                                                                  The 1,500 seat Regent Wollongong
          Melburnians again enjoy theirs.
                                                                               (over page, top right) closed on 1
          Regent Collins Street Turns 75.                                      February 2004. The closure was set in
            The Regent Collins Street has an                                   train by the death of its owner Ms.
          auspicious birthday on 15 March, but at                              Rowena Milgrove. Built in a fifties
          the time of going to press, there has                                style, the building was an example, also
          been no announcement of a celebration                                seen in the Riverina and northern
          with an organ concert or film.                                       Victoria, of the influence of the ‘great
                                                                               Regents’ on the next generation of
          Lyric Fitzroy                     Wall detail, Lyric Fitzroy.
                                                                               theatre builders. The Regent
            Nicholas Dattner’s plan to move his
                                                                               Wollongong showed that the owners
          furniture business from the former  Screens Site Wrangle             had absorbed the principle that to be a
          Lyric theatre in Johnston Street Fitzroy
                                               Plans for a new cinema complex in  true Regent, the impression of
          (The Age 10 January) raises doubts
                                            Launceston, first announced two years  spaciousness was everything. The foyer
          about the future of a building that is not
                                            ago, are mired in claims and counter  alone in this building would
          on the Heritage Register.
                                            claims. The proposed site, land in the  accommodate three modern cinemas.
            Elements of the original theatre –  rail yards at Inveresk, is on a flood  A campaign to save the theatre is
          bow-steel ceiling trusses, round  plain and the cost of suitable     underway. Mr George Florence of the
          windows and minimal wall decoration -  foundations was enough to deter one  Astor theatre St. Kilda asked
          suggest an interior almost identical to  potential exhibitor. Enter the Sydney-  CinemaRecord to publish his letter to
          the Lyric Prahran (demolished 2003),  based Metro Cinemas that run a  the organizers. Here is an edited
          which is not surprising, since they were  multiplex at Burnie. The Metro bid for  version:
          both in the same chain. The Lyric  a six-screen complex was rejected by  The only way to save the theatre is
          Fitzroy opened in 1911, one year after  council, which preferred an alternative  to get government and council fired up
          Prahran. Surprisingly, for such a bare  proposal. To add to the confusion, a  about doing something. This usually
          bones place, it continued to be listed in  Greens MHA has revived a claim that  involves intense lobbying of councillors
          Film Weekly until 1938. Newsreel has  the site was never council land to sell  and politicians as well as government
          heard a whisper that there is a group  or lease in the first place.   or semi-government bodies tasked with
          interested in refurbishment of the
                                                                               the preservation of the nation’s
          building to cinema status.
                                                                                       CINEMARECORD 2004     5
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