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Colin Kennett with his favourite projector,
          a Philips EL 4000.
            The auditorium was to be 19.8m x
          12.2m wide with a raked floor. Local
          contractors were used where possible
          including one Alby Mangels, of World
          Safari fame! Alby did much of the
          brick and concrete work - and Colin
          claims that this activity largely financed
          Alby’s first film!
            The establishment of the theatre
          was indeed a family affair. Colin and
          Daryl did the electrical work and
          attended to other technical aspects. His
          wife Valerie made the curtains and
          other soft furnishings within the
          auditorium - including re-upholstering
          all the seats, which were ex Hoyts
          Plaza in Adelaide.
            The Cameo opened to the public on
          16 January 1977, followed by an official
          opening in March by a local politician.
          It initially had seating for 308, but this
          was later reduced to 252 when more
          modern seating was installed.
            The Cameo is a pleasantly
                                            Inside the Cameo Cinema.
          appointed theatre with staggered, raked
          seating. Sight-lines are excellent, as is
                                               The Cameo was originally fitted    Colin’s favourite is the dual gauge
          the sound - good quality and not too
                                            with two C&W Junior projectors from  35/70mm Philips EL4000 to which he
          loud! Curtains cover the side-walls, and
                                            the Murrayville Institute (Victoria),  has fitted a manual lens turret and
          - purists take note - curtains open and
                                            but now has two more modern        quick-change gate. Both machines are
          close over the 6.7m x 2.7m 3-D silver
                                            machines and a platter. The main   set up with red LED readers. Panalogic
          screen! Colin’s enthusiasm for good
                                            projector is a fully automated Bauer  Automation controls all equipment
          presentation is evident as soon as you
                                            U3, which gives a brilliant sharp image  including slide projection, lighting,
          step into the auditorium.
                                            on the screen.                     curtains, picture and sound. DTS digital
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