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          I  8  9  S                                     Australia's first                      son in  11tt }ur Sulgrr.
                                                         feature film              l~oo         pres<nt our pi.lll$ to p<oduce
                                                                                                   Mr  Crick said, 'for the
                                                         IRIDAl, 14 SIPI!MIII A crowd of 4000 pcopl<   long Ausualion dramas. b)
                                                         armed at  Mdboume Town  Hall  last  nig/lt to   Ausualian authors and using
                                                         woUltsS lht prcmierc of Ausualia's fusl lcaturt   Ausuallao actors. remalo
                                                         film. Si>ldlrrs if 1M Cross which was produced   indcfinir..  Evt<)1hlng
                                                         by the 5al\'lltion Army.  5ah'allon Army Com   have a beginning.'
                                                         n!Jind..nt, Hrrhen Booch. gave a srlrrlng leaure
                                                         while the  audience were ueated 10  13 moving
                                                         segmcms and  200 lantern slides. The crowd
                FACT  FILE

         Scioo<o ud Tocbolosr- 1. (. 8motl ~ W4's
         fnlcor.-oal&slwt                                                                     From"Av~lro..\io..
         Dlso•lon: 0.. SS c-u~t~uanoa s.l loeb.
         HSW,SS"-                                                                             Throu9h  Time.·
         n.. Atts: n. ~ape 61l!T0ducetho AISitlil
       1                                                                                             1\a"ciAI"' Hou••
         b ollc.o1 one pe11011 01 o a10 w:m~~-ng pt1\l!ll 011
         c loop ol """"' folm.
         .         1896
         Moving pictures

         arrive in Sydney
         SAMDU, 20 SltiWII S)'llney thtaUegom had
         thcil first wu of mO\ing piau res last night at
         the Th'<llt Thea~tt. courtesy of \istdng Amer•-  A Sll ,.,_, '- Sollon ol"' Cnu
         can magician Carl Hertz.  Having already
         wowed lhc crowds in Melbourne lasl month. Mr    watched scenes depicting Christians being
         Hcnz has broug/lt his show 10 Sydney.           eaten by lions. hehtadiqgs. and  manyrs being
            Among thc spectacles wimessed In  tlle 20·   burned at the stake.
         minute fllm·show last nig/lt were busy LOndon      The film  was directed  by Mr joseph  Perry
         street s«ncs at Westminster Bridge. a crowd In   and was shot on  the tennis coun or the Snlva ..
         the Strand.  a boxing match, a dancc  and a     Lion  Arn.y  home  In  Melbourne. The dlrrctor
         seaSCipe                                        used  painted backdrops.  imagrs of d rrus ani·
            A Sydnry Morning Htrald reporter who         n!JIIs and childrrn dressed in pap~r -molcht lion
         aurnd<'<l l.lst nij:hrs perforn!Jin<t dt5alhed tht   outJ'liS to rt-ertatt the historkal scrnrs In  this
         llfr-slzt lmag.s on the screen as txtrtmrly     rnnoukahlc picture show. Mr Perry is now piAn·
         re•IISIIC.                                      nrng 10 lllkc tht lilm 10 America.
            •  tht buS\  tr>fl'JC in a strctt. a scent In a   1905
         ri•Y or any othrr su~jta that  m.l)  have bttn                            Australia's first
         suhnuued t•' rapid  photography. Is rrpeared   FACT  FILE
         with  ~rmar~abl< fidelity.  so much  so  lnd~td                           'talkie' made                9
         that the Spectator Onds II hard to realist that ht                                                 '92.
         Is not pan and pared of the moving p.~nornma:                             fRIDAY,'  AUWST The nrst sound film to be made
         1hc rtponcr \\10tr.                                                       in  Ausrrall:t was recorded  )'<>t~rday on  tht•
            Mort•  1110\'lllS piCHU< dl'llghtS arc <XPC\tCd                        dctk of the American  ship Slara. which
         In  Sydnt•y  nrxt \\1."1!-k  when Moru.icur Maurlct                       brought  rhe  a~para1us to this coumry for the
         Srs.ticr brint:s his famous Lumiere mvcntion to                           fox Frlrn Corporation (.~uSiraiasi.l).
         the L)'<rum 'Throtrc.                                                        Mr S"'nley Crick, managing dlr«101 of fOX,
            AS authorised agent for inwntors Augu<lt                               and Mr N  .\\cNeill, assistant general managrr
         and  Wurs Lumrere.  M  Sesllcr has alrudy                                 of the \'acuum Oil Compao)' in Ausualia.  took
         aSionlshtd CTO\IdS rn  LOndon.  Paris and 1\tw                            thrrr placts before tht microphonr in the oprn
         York  ~o~uh the  cintn~J~tographe machtne wludt                           atr  They spokt a few words as rrhr.usal and,
         proJuces 'li\lng photographs'.                                            In  response to a shout  cf 'loudrr· from  the
                     189C.                                                         lowtr deck, they grret~d each other In  their
                                                                                   customary voices.  It was as if no camera  had
            U  S!PTIMIII    19 Dl(IMIII                                            bern thtre at all.
            MIJIUI ~. loonder ol   !he l'illxe ll'olcne Ojlenl                        The equipment used for  this expe1iment  Is
            Slllon Wmi!re. !boob t1te   kl s~                                      rompletely stlf·contained, and it rnn be usrd In
          II  IIIli fin r.l Syritey Hllioti. IGDIUM                                rcmorr regions where no power sourer ls avail~
            2lllnll\lll     Adttr 1Jft1d Damper                                    ablt. ACCOfdlng 10 Ray Vaug/lan. a young Syd·
            !he SA loaciots MlociJ!tcn  "*" hts loin lo lbt                        ney amtraman who  has spent siX  months  in
            hold! Ill 1111-~   ~Cit                                                Amtrk.l lcammg the t<du!lque of rtcordlng
            21 OCTOIIl      Or tlt K'~ r.ri                                        'tht talklrs'. tht ncw equipment mcall$ mms
            V.4JIQIIII~IO   o~bylt~            'Talkies' come to
            _.r.-.-.        ll.tUllbol                                             can be made fllst as weD  in  rtm01t r<glons as
            I NOVI.MIII                        Sydney                    •~za      in the crnue of tlle dry.
                                                                                      Mr Crick said his company will concentrate
            ti4IIJI Stllll fiml """ of         MONDAY, 31  DIClMIIR  The Orst  mellon plaurt   on  producing newsreels and short subJects.
            t!te ll!b'le (1Jil IOtt            l<ith sound has optned  In  Sydney.  1t  Is  Tht   Inducting talks by prominem people. 'We  hope
                  MAY  1 8~8                   ;ur Siqger starring American  singer-comedian   to p~nt ~~e Prime Minister on thr srreen, so
                  !he Solvolion Anny !tim 1M   AI  tolson. which  Is playing at the L)'ttum.   he  nray address people abroad as wtll as In
                                                                                   Australia.' ht said. 'Scenes of the "back roun-
                                               However.  the  ntnr  Is  not  t•ntirely a 'talkie'.
                  S«id TMI(k IMlfl'llllll      Thoug/1 somt dl3logue Is spoken. ~o~'Tinen rl~es  try"  photographed with sound will  be  a won·
                 I m N.elboume.                                                    derful advenlsrment for Australia.'
                  4AIHI                        will SID! appear on stT<'Cn
                  Wom~~cn~III'IQit                Thr Jtz.r: Sirwrr is ••P"~N to run for thl«   Australians sa~o~• their first 'llllkles' last
                  ~ill  SA (l)llttlllllg 6e    months. Its no' thy \alut has alr.ady b«n   ytar. bul tht n""' .,. was htraldod by
                  tlrS!t~-=-                   p<O\'tn, with aO\\..Js qutuong for up 10 an hom.   tht ChriSimas suson. According to audlenct
                                               E\'tf)' session 0\et the \\tcl.tnd was sold ouL   figurts. Australians prcf<r shon  sub)eas to
                                                                                   main fraturrs, drspile the  popularil) of AI Jol·
                                                                                            t , .... .... , • f  ">I <ill\ .. )
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