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12.  The Astor Theatre opened Tuesday, December 29, 1936, the design and architecture by Mr. V. Vibert and
                built by Mr. Don McPherson of Shepparton, built in the  Continental Modern  style.  The opening program
                was "PICCADILLY JIM" starring Robert Montgomery, plus supporting feature "SPEED" with James Stewart,
                both MGM productions.

             13.  The Star Theatre, Fryers Street, screened its last silent film Saturday, 13th February,  1932 with Douglas
                Fairbanks in "THE IRON MASK" and March the following year anothgr projector, a reconditioned POWERS
                6B fitted with Raycophone sound head was added to the existing machine.  It is believed the Star ceased
                screening sound films after 1937 where it reverted to a full time dance and general purpose hall.
                Projection equipment in the Lyric at first was a single HAHN GOERZ with matching name A/C carbon Arc
                which was handfed.  After the installation of sound, projection heads were Simplex mounted on a Westrex
                base, with a Western Electric sound head fitted. The Astor equipment was the Australian produced Cummings
                and Wilson Model P5 with Raycophone soundheads. These were later installed in the STRAND THEATRE
                Rochester approximately 1950. The replacement projectors were a WESTREX 20 combination of C & W
                Model P8 heads on a pair of WestrexMod R3 Sound reproducers.

             14.  The Lyric put In a new screen and lenses (£5000) for the presentation of VISTAVISION, a Paramount
                Pictures system, and commenced on Saturday, January 14, 1956, with Bing Crosby in "White Christmas''.

             15.  The first CINEMASCOPE presentation, was "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" on Sat. February18, 1956.

             16.  The Cinema circuit built up by Walter McMillan consisted of :
                  THE WOODEND,  WOODEND •           426 seats        LYRIC SHEPPARTON                  1150
                  KYNETON TOWN HALL •               600              ASTOR SHEPPARTON                  640
                  CASTLEMAINE ROYAL •               970              BENALLA OPEN AIR                  800
                  ROCHESTER STRAND                  750              BENALLA SHIRE HALL                650
                  KYABRAM THEATRE                   900              (later 1956) BENALLA REGAL        940
                  • business interests with Mr.  Vin Holland         TONGALA REGENT                    447

                The entire film buying for the entire circuit was carried out by the late Mr Vin Holland from CastiP.maine.

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             1.  Star Theatre
            2.  First Open Air Theatre
            3.  Lyric Open Air Theatre
            4.  Legion Hall
            5.  Paramount, later Astor
             6.  Lyric, later Capri

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