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             Frank VanStraten receives OAM                        George Wallace Memorabilia
                    Australia Day Honour
                                                                 George Wallace Senior, the gfeat Aussie vaudeville come-
                                                                 dian and contemporary of Roy Rene, will be the subject of a
            Frank  Van  Straten  has  received  an  Order  of Austra)ia   50-minute ABC documentary by Jim Murphy,'Green Guide'
            Medal  for  service  to  the  performing  arts  as  a  historian,   music critic and former Two On The Aisle' critic, with the
            museum director and radio broadcaster. Frank, who presents   late  Ivan  Hutchison.  Murphy,  who  has slaved  to  get the
            3LO's Nostalgia  Show on Sunday afternoons, was director   project up and running for six years, is producing the doco
            of the Performing Arts Museum for 10 years and has written   in partnership with Don Percy and actor/comedian Jeremy
            various  theatre histories  including a  book on Melbourne's   Kewley, who continues the vaudeville tradition at Hunchbax
            Regent Theatre.                                      Theatre  Restuarant  in  Richmond.  They are  searching for
                                                                 George Wallace anecdotes and memorabilia So if you have
            Frank  is  a  Patron  of the  Cinema And Theatre  Historical   either, email Jim at
            Society Victoria and all of us at CATHS congratulate Frank
            on this well deserved award!                         The Age Green Guide, 4 March 1999, 'TV Eye' by Barbara
            Frank Van Straten inherited his passion for the performing
            arts from his parents. His father,  Leon, was a professional
            musician.  Frank  starred collecting  books,  recordings  and
            theatrical memorabilia in his early teens.                 WB  COMMITS TO DYE  TRACKS

            After a career in advertising, marketing and record distribu-  Warner  Bros  have  committed  to  releasing  all  their  future
            tion, Frank joined the Victorian Arts Centre as archivist of   titles  on  film useing  high-magenta  analogue  dye  tracks  for
            the newly-established Performing Arts Museum. He became   sound.  This  will  replace  the  more  expensive  older-style
            its  director  in  1984.  The  Museum  now  has  the  largest   silver-applicated tracks. The bulk of silver content in  prints
            collection  of theatrical memorabilia in Australia and  is  of   has been in the soundtrack area and the purpuse  of using dye
            world significance.                                tracks is to reduce the silver content to a  minimum.  Warners
                                                               tested the dye soundtracks on  150 prints of  CITY OF AN-
            Among  the  exhibitions  presented  at  the  Museum  during   GELS  last  April,and  more  recently,  on3,000  prints  of
            Frank's time there were:  Botrrke Street On Saturday Night,   YOU'VE GOT MAIL The new magenta dye  tracks will play
            1983;  Her Majesty's  Theatre  50th Birthday  Celebration,   on conventional saundheads.but they  provide improved per-
            1984; Pin-Up,  1984; The Great Days of Australian Vaur-  formance  if played  on  the  new  red  LED  light  readers.
            deville,  1985; Thanks For Listening [Radio],  1986;  Silent   According  to  Kodak,  there  are  currently  3,000  cinemas
            Smiles [Silent Films],  1987; The Mo show 1988;  Hooray   equipped with LED light readers in the USA.
           For Hollywood!  [Movie  Posters],  1989; Entertaining Mel-
            botrne,  1992;  Stars  In  Your  Eyes,  Movie  Stills],  1991.   AUSTRALIA
           Frank retired as  director in  1993.  Working on a  freelance
            basis,  Frank curated  the  Performing Arts Museum's  1996   Many Australian cinemas are already equipped with red LED
            exhibition celebrating the history of the Tivoli Theatre.   light  readers.  Russell  Scott,  General  Manager  of  Greater
           Frank has  presented  ABC  Radio's  weekly  Nostalgia pro-  Union  Entertainment  Technology  (G  U  E  T)  told  Movie
           gramme since  1986.  He provides  programme  notes  for a   Trader that all  recent new installations were  equipped with
            wide variety oftheatrica1 and other presentations.   LED readers. "Outside of that group, only  about a third of the
                                                               remaining Australian cinemas are  equipped with LED read-
           These have included the Victorian Arts Centre's 100 Years   ers,"  he said.  "That is, about a  hundred Australian cinemas
            of Cinema Swiss,  1995,  and The Regent Gala Re-opening   are not ready for cyan dye  suond tracks.
           Concert in  1996. His first  book,  National  Treasure  - The
            Story  of Gertrude  Johnson and  the National Theatre,  was   In the first step away from the old silver-coated sound tracks,
           published by Victoria Press in  1994. His most recent book   magenta dye tracks will  be used. As mentioned  above, they
            is The Regent Theatre: Melbournes Palace of Dreams. This   will still play on old-style soundheade  although they give a
           was  published  by  ELM  to  mark  the  re-opening  of the   better performance when played  through a red LED reader.
           beloved Collins Street landmark. Frank recorded a talkeing   However, when the move is made to cyan-dye tracks,  they
           book version of this in 1997. He is currently working on a   will not work on old-style soundheads and an LED  reader is
           major history of the Tivoli Circuit.                required.

           Frank is a member of the board of the National Theatre, the   To  date,  no  magenta  dye  or  cyan  dye  prints  have  been
           executive  of the  Green  Room  Awards  Association,  the   manufactured and released in Australia Domine Case, Group
           Grainger  Museum  advisory  committee  and  the  Victoria   Technology  and  Service  Manager  for  Atlab  told  Movie
           Theatres Trust. He was awarded the Medal of the Order of   Trader that they, have already made test magenta prints. The
           Australia in the 1999 Australia Day Honours.        magenta dye printing involves a  slight change to the sound-
                                                               track process.  Once this has been successfully achieved, the
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