Page 13 - CinemaRecord Edition 3-2002 #37
P. 13

Top: The programs of the New Malvern
                                                                                and Armadale were soon synchronized.
                                                                                Source: Screen News 24 September
                                                                                Left: A part of the floor plan to show the
                                                                                bio-box at rear of stalls. The simple
                                                                                balcony is not shown. There was one
                                                                                flight of stairs left of foyer to the balcony
                                                                                and one exit (right) to a lane.

                                                                                All photographs were supplied by
                                                                                Mr. Ray Ryan.
                                                                                The revue program and plan of the
                                                                                theatre is from the Public Records
                                                                                Office/Melbourne Archives Centre.
                                                                                The illustration from Screen News was
                                                                                from the Ron Lowe Collection

                                                                                       CINEMARECORD 2002 13
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