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Adelphi                                                              Capitol
            Former cinema of Nicholson Street,                                    Walter Burley Griffin’s cinema
          Carlton. Today it is the San Remo                                    masterpiece in Swanston Street;
          Ballroom.                                                            renowned for the intricate design and
            Origin: Adelphi is one of eight                                    illumination of its ceiling.
          uninhabited islets, rich in flora and                                   Origin: The Capitol was the Temple
          fauna, around the Greek island of                                    of Jupiter, king of the gods in ancient
          Alonnisos.                                                           Rome.
          Agora                                                                Dux
            The Agora Cinema has operated                                         An early picture house of Albert
          within the confines of La Trobe                                      Park, which did not survive the arrival
          University.                                                          of sound.
            Origin: Agora is the name of an                                       Origin: Latin word for leader. It can
          open marketplace or place of assembly                                also mean guide, chief, commander or
          in ancient Greece, most famously in                                  general.
          Alhambra                                                                Perhaps the best-known cinema of
             The least inspired of a string of                                 Bourke Street and Melbourne’s first
          former cinemas along Sydney Road,                                    70mm house. (See CinemaRecord 46
          Brunswick.                                                           and this issue).
            Origin: The pinnacle of Moorish                                       Origin: Esquire applied to young
          architecture in Spain. Commenced in                                  noblemen who attended to knights as a
          the 13th century, the magnificent                                    prerequisite for their own knighthood.
          Alhambra Palace overlooks Granada.                                   The word evolved to become a polite
          Its arcades, fountains and Lion Court                                title for a man, most commonly used
          are indicative of a romantic quest to                                when addressing a letter.
          create paradise on earth.
          Apollo                                                                  The re-named ‘atmospheric’ State
            One of many names for the three                                    theatre Melbourne, after it was twinned.
          level theatre at the top end of Bourke                                  Origin: The Forum of Rome was a
          Street. Today it is the Metro Nightclub.                             place of assembly for judicial and other
            Origin: Apollo is the Greek god of                                 business involving public discussion.
          the Sun. In Homer’s classic The Iliad,
          Apollo, along with Aphrodite and to
          some extent Zeus, becomes one of the
          pro-Trojan divinities during the Greek
          invasion of Troy.
            The Temple of Apollo at Delphi was
          built downhill from the extraordinary,
          5,000 capacity Delphi Theatre (4th
          century B.C).
            The historic Athenaeum theatre of
          Collins Street has exhibited movies and
          continues to host live theatre.
            Origin: Athene (Athena) is the
          Greek goddess of wisdom. The Latin
          word Athenaeum refers to a literary or
          scientific club or library.
            Greater Union’s last foray into single
          screens in Bourke Street, the Bercy
          (1965-83) is now a gaming venue.
            Origin: The Seine river of France
          passes through the Bercy region, site of
          a Neolithic settlement (4,500-2,000 BC).

                                            Top: Bust of Apollo.
                                            Middle: Athena surveys Collins Street from her niche on the Athenaeum. Image: D. Smith
                                            Bottom: The world’s best-known Opera House; La Scala Milan. Image: Frank van Straten

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