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FILLING IN THE GAPS               Reading Entertainment Helms        IN MEMORIUM
                                 The RCA    Wasteland Development              Noel Kerr 1934-2005
                               speaker with    A former brickworks site at        One of CATHS kind and jovial
                               the switch on  Burwood Heights, east of Melbourne  members, Noel Kerr passed away
                               top in the   seems set for transformation.      suddenly just before Christmas 2005.
                               article on      Planning approval for the 21 ha site  Noel will be remembered for his
                               Shepparton   to be rezoned, allows Reading      humorous articles, usually appropriate
                               Drive In     Entertainment to submit detailed plans  for the Christmas issue, in which he
                               (CR 48),     for council consideration.         recounted misadventures in and around
                               reminded me     The proposal is for a mix of    theatres and on the fringe of show
                               that in most  residential, retail, commercial office  business. His Disaster at the Regent
                               Sydney       and leisure precincts.             (CR30) was every youth’s nightmare -
          drive-ins that switch, next to the  -Whitehorse Leader, 1/3/06       standing up a girl because he was
          volume control was short-lived.                                      waiting at the Regent and she was
                                            Main-Stream Cinema Vacates
            In the ‘on’ position the switch                                    waiting at the Plaza.
          activated a red light intended to catch  Bourke Street.                 Noel trained as a printer and was
          the eyes of the ‘Trolley boys’ who                                   trusted with the advertising copy for
          pushed a cart loaded with drinks and                                 shows like The Sullivans. His training
          confectionary around the ramps.                                      gave him a sharp eye for suggestions
            Not surprisingly the boys couldn’t                                 for CinemaRecord.
          see all of the red lights at any one time.                              His hobbies included jazz, and
          Patrons waited and waited, and made                                  writing about jazz musicians. He was a
          many complaints about lack of service.                               member of the Melbourne Jazz Club ,
            When I commenced working in                                        Camera Club and Black and White.
          drive-ins I found those switches a                                      Noel suffered poor health in his
          nuisance when repainting the speakers                                later years, which curtailed his
          and the J-boxes, so I removed all the                                activities, but not his humour.
                                               When Village closed their
          lights on the top of the J-boxes, and
                                            Melbourne inner-city complex on       Fittingly, his last contribution to CR
          filled the holes with plastic putty.
                                            Wednesday 15 March 2006, they      was in the Christmas issue. CATHS’
            Visually I didn't like the fact that  severed the last link to a street once  members extend their condolences to
          the volume control now looked off  synonymous with entertainment as  Noel’s wife Irene.  - Ian Smith
          balance, so I removed all the switches  much as shopping.            NEW MEMBERS:
          and volume controls from the front of
                                               The Village Centre opened in 1986.  November 05 -March 06
          the speakers, filled the two holes, then
                                            Ron Monsborough, then Australia’s
          drilled new holes in the centre for the                              CATHS warmly welcomes:
                                            leading cinema architect, described his
          volume control. With some 650                                        Ken Boucher, St. Kilda Sth. Vic.
                                            handiwork as the best he had designed.
          speakers throughout the field, it was a                              Peter Broome, Mt. Victoria NSW
                                               Although a comparative newcomer,
          task, but well worth the effort.                                     Richard Davis, Nunawading Vic.
                                            the complex could claim to uphold
          William Gray, (Parramatta) NSW                                       John Fitzgerald, Blackheath NSW
                                            cinema history. Cinema 2 was built
                                            over the New Victoria/Strand, which  Richard Goldspink, Newport Beach
                                            opened in 1915. To its west were  the  NSW
            NEWSREEL                    •   Theatre Royal and Hoyts De Luxe.   Kevin Gooding, Surrey UK
          •• • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• • • •
                                               CATHS’ members and the touring  Jim Leworthy, Toronto, Canada
             CINEMA, THEATRE &          •   cinema group from the UK, France and  Stephen McEvoy, Long Eaton UK
                                            USA inspected the complex on its last  Trevor Morson, Devon UK
                                            working day.
          • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• •                                 R. V. Pauley, Regent Vic.
                                            CORRECTIONS                        John Seligman, Middlesex UK
          New Screens for Sun, Yarraville      The article Blow Ups in issue 48  John Peto, Surrey, UK
            While messages of gloom about   stated that the first ‘blow-up’ from
                                                                               Warren Smyth, Auckland, NZ
          declining attendances and theatre  35mm to 70mm shown in Melbourne
                                                                               Murray Thompson, Auckland, NZ
          closures make news, owner- manager  was Valley of the Dolls. David Kilderry
                                                                               Grace Williams, Bendigo
          Michael Smith of the Sun Yarraville  has pointed out that The Great Race,
          has had the foundations poured for two  shown at the Capitol in 1965, preceded
          additional screens.               it. The fact that it was a ‘blow-up’ was
            Michael’s confidence in audience  kept quiet.
          loyalty and potential for growth makes
                                               CATHS Visits Reading Cinemas
          a nice contrast.
                                            Geelong in CR 49 omitted to credit
                                            projectionist Steven Jones for his input
                                            to the day. The event was a team effort
                                            and this oversight is regretted.
                                                                                       CINEMARECORD 2006     5
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