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Geraldine For Sale                CORRECTIONS                           The following corrections, and
                                            Vogue Hawthorn                     additional information from Sydney
                                               In the history of the Rialto Kew  member Les Tod, set the record
                                            (CinemaRecord 56) the location of the  straight.
                                            rival Vogue was said to be directly   The photo of the drive-in screen
                                            opposite the Kew tram depot (page 14).   (page 28) is that of the Sundown,in
                                               The general direction was right, but  Canberra. The theatre’s signature ‘S’ is
                                            the Vogue was one street further south,  visible on the screen. During slides,
                                            on the corner of Church and Pine   they often played the Lee Hazelwood-
                                            Streets.                           Nancy Sinatra song, Sundown.
                                                                                  Blacktown Skyline did not open in
                                            The First Kirby Theatre
                                                                               1964, but on 20 December 1963.
                                               In the obituary for Roc Kirby in CR
            CATHS’ visitors from 2005 will be                                     Caringbah opened December 1956.
                                            58, an editing oversight changed a
          interested to learn that the South
                                            sentence in the second paragraph on   Fairfield El Rancho/Skyline closed
          Island’s Geraldine Cinema is for sale
                                            page six to read as though the first  1984.
          as a going concern.
                                            Kirby theatre was in Geelong.         Matraville Star was independent
          A New Metro                          In fact, the Wintergarden was in  and became a Skyline in 1971. It closed
            Three-screen Metro Gold Class   Parkdale, a beachside suburb southeast  in August 1984.
          Cinemas opened 7 March in Worcester  of Melbourne.                      Parklea opened in 1976 and closed
          Street, Christchurch. The style is 1930s                             in August 1984. Its screen was used to
          moderne, with a total seating capacity  Ticket Prices At Cineplex Victoria  twin Blacktown.
          of 130.                           Point, Brisbane                       Penrith opened in 1966 as the
                                               In CR58 the maximum price of a
            The theatre will screen art-house                                  Starline, an independent, owned by a
                                            ticket at this state-of-the-art complex
          and independent films under the                                      chap named Green who also owned the
                                            was quoted as $ 9.50. The actual price
          capable management of industry                                       Starline Drive-in at Burleigh Heads on
                                            is even better -  $7.50.
          veteran Rodney Cook.                                                 the Gold Coast. It became a Skyline in
                                            Bass Hill Drive-In                 1970 and closed in August 1984.
          Movement on Capitol
                                               Of the article Bass Hill Drive-In  Campbelltown Gayline opened in
            After sitting untouched for some
                                            (CR58 page 28) - an affectionate tribute  1967 as an independent. Phil Mathews
          years, the old Capitol theatre, Miramar,
                                            to one location in particular and the  states that it closed in 1973, but it was
          bought by director Peter Jackson (Lord
                                            drive-in scene in general - it is now  still operating in 1977.
          of the Rings, King Kong) in 2003 for
                                            apparent that the author’s heart was in
          $1m., is to become either a movie                                       Warriewood Skyline opened in
                                            the right place, but some of his dates
          museum and shops or a three-screen                                   1971 and closed in 1984.
                                            were a bit out.
          cinema.                                                                 North Ryde opened in 1956.
                                               To compound the problem, the
          History of the Theatre Royal,     photos in the original story were not  The story correctly said that
          Christchurch                      captioned, which led to some incorrect  Blacktown Greater Union Twin is the
            An illustrated history of a fine  assumptions.                     only twin left in NSW and Heddon
          theatre is a welcome edition to the few                              Greta is the only single screen drive-in
                                                                               operating. During winter, the latter
          other books on New Zealand theatres
                                                                               manages to screen three programs
          and when it comes presented on high
          quality art paper, with over 300 color
          and black and white photographs the                                     Blacktown still runs double
          authors clearly want to do the subject                               features, but occasionally has earlier
          proud.                                                               children’s movie screenings. It is well
                                                                               maintained and set in a natural
            Like a stage show itself the book is
                                                                               amphitheatre surrounded by mature
          presented by more than a dozen ‘voices’
                                                                               trees and shrubbery, quite a pretty
          each approaching the story from a
                                                                               location. On Sundays it is used as a
          different viewpoint or area of expertise.
            Published to mark the centennial of
          the third theatre of this name 1908 -                                Reporting by:
          2008, the book captures the richness                                 Qld.   Steve Maggs
          and variety of shows from 1908 to                                    N.S.W. Ian Hanson, Brian Hunt,
          2008.                                                                       Les Tod
            The Theatre Royal continues to                                     Vic.   Cameron Hall, Ben Probin,
          present theatre in all its forms in the                                     Ian Williams, Peter Wolfenden
          grand tradition. - David Lascelles                                   Tas.   Ray Peck
                                            Clerestory Press,                  S.A.   Colin Flint
                                            PO Box 21 Christchurch             W.A.   Peter Jackson
                                            RRP $NZ50 plus $NZ5, p&p.
                                                                               N.Z.   David Lascelles

                                                                                       CINEMARECORD 2008     7
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