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            Whatever the reasoning behind the
          choice, the name was original and apt.
          It might have been meant as a prod  -
          time for a night at the pictures - or an
          acknowledgment that theatre design
          was now different - time for change -
          an example of what a modern suburban
          cinema should be.
            The Time came in on a wave that
          swelled in Melbourne in the mid-
          thirties and ebbed even before the
          construction of the Civic Ashburton in
          1948. One look at pictures of the
          exterior - the curved entrance, the
          brickwork a deep chocolate at the base
          grading into bands of pink, the tower
          wall designed to integrate the word
          TIME in render on the brickwork with
          the iconic Hoyts neon - showed it was a
          superior example of the genre. Not as
          bold as the Padua Brunswick, but
          scaled for harmony with the smaller
                                               This emphasis on domesticity had  the stall’s exits. Hoyts argued that the
          shopping strip around it.
                                            echoes in an argument between Hoyts  full expanse of staircase was safe, it
            The foyer lounges are a reminder
                                            and the Health Department about the  was never crowded, and fitting a
          of how completely the Second World
                                            installation of a centre hand-rail for the  handrail would unevenly wear the
          War shut down domestic architecture.
                                            stairs to the ‘lounge’ foyer.      carpet on the left-hand side.
          Just in time could have been another
                                               Hoyts didn’t want to put one in    Today, domesticity at the cinema
          reason for the name, for the foyers
                                            because the staircase didn’t quite work  has gone a step further. The best efforts
          preview the décor of the building boom
                                            as expected. It taught them an     of the multiplex notwithstanding, the
          of the 1950s.
                                            interesting fact about human       rise of the home cinema, with all its
            In the mid-twenties the best of the
                                            psychology.                        trappings, means that you can pretend
          new theatres gave audiences an interior
                                               Hoyts claimed that the stairs carried  that you are out when you are in. ★
          as far removed as possible from
                                            mostly ‘one-way’ traffic - up to the  - I.S.
          anything at home. At the Time, the fire-
                                            lounge. To the surprise of the staff,
          places, the furniture, the window
                                            patrons preferred to exit the theatre by
          trimmings suggest a home away from
                                            walking down the internal aisle steps to
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