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                Official newsletter and historical record of the Cinema and Theatre Historical Society - Victoria

             The objective of CA THS-V, and this publication, is to accurately document and create an
             archives of the history of cinemas in Victoria.

             Input in the form of articles, constructive criticism, and substantiated dispute of previously
             recorded matter is welcomed, and most necessary in enabling us to reach our objective.

             The articles printed in Cinema Record are those of the acknowledged authors and are not to be
             reproduced in any way, without their written permission. The editors take responsibility for any
             unsigned articles.

             Donations or the loan of photographs, or any other historical records relating to Victorian cinemas
             would be most welcome additions to the Society's archives.

             For convenience in creating an index, page numbering begins with the first cinema history in
             issue number one and continues on in each issue, therefore only pages containing Cinema and
             Theatre history are numbered.

             Office Bearers        President                    Garry Saunders
                                   Vice President               Rod How
                                   Secretary                    Fred Page
                                   Treasurer                    Rod Cook
                                   Archives                     Gerry Kennedy
                                   Editor                       Peter O'Reilly

                                   Sales                       To Be Appointed
                                   Memberships                  To Be Appointed
                                   Auditor                      To Be Appointed

             Correspondence        CATHS-V                The Secretary
                                                          8 Armata Court
                                                          Frankston North  3200

                                   Cinema Record          cl- Box 476
                                                          Bentleigh  3204

             Membership            Membership subscription for 1993-94 is $20. This fee covers the printing
                                   and postage of Cinema Record 5 times per year. There is no joining fee.

             Meetings              Fourth Sunday of February, April, June, August, October at the Carlton
                                   Cinema, 235 Faraday Street, Carlton, at 9.45 a.m.
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