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RECENT HAPPENINGS                                                              by Fred Page

             Following the October meeting we were entertained by the final episode of "The Crimson Ghost" and large videos
             of cinemas in Singapore, Fiji and India. Rod How made and projected these videos on his own equipment and
             provided  a  live  commentary  of the  program.  Serial  addicts will  be  pleased to  know that "Spymaster'' will
             commence at the February meeting. It has been run before but those who saw the first episode would number
             less than eight. Thanks to the two Rods for providing this entertainment. As usual we ran out of time and were
             unable to see the Regent Open Day video.

            ·November saw us travelling to Seymour to visit Neil Harris and his "Tatty Cinema". The day commenced with
             great weather and a picnic lunch in Neil's backyard, which was a joy to inhabit. We were shown over Neil's
             engineering  works  located  within  the  historic  former  Seymour  power  station.  All  were  impressed  by  the
             orderliness of the place, and the railway buffs enjoyed the photos on the noticeboards of the "S" Class (Spirit
             of Progress engines.

             After lunch we were escorted to the "Tatty", which is a converted Victorian cottage. It is well equipped with 35mm
             and 16mm projectors, and provided with comfortable theatre chairs. On the screen we were entertained with old
             newsreels and short subjects.  Following the picture show,  Nancy Harris generously supplied tea/coffee and

             But the day was'nt over. Arrangements had been made with the Seymour railway preservation group to conduct
             us over the historic rolling stock housed in the adjacent railway complex. Well this was the icing on the cake and
             made an already enjoyable day something special. Word got around that the "J" Class steamer was due in from
             Yarrawonga at about 5.15, so it was decided  to stay to witness its arrival. It was back to the "Tatty" for more movies
             and afternoon tea to fill in the time. Judging by the laughter and comments (mainly off colour) the second session
             was enjoyed more then the first. Then it was back  to the railway yards and guess what? We had been misinformed
             of the arrival time, now to be 6.15, so it was decided to pack up and leave after a most enjoyable day.

             Thanks again to Neil and Nancy for entertaining us and thoughtfully providing for our needs. We all had one of
             those great days CATHS-V is becoming famous for. And Neil, thanks to your mates in the railway group.

             As if the foregoing was'nt enough, we were entertained on another full day on the Mornington Peninsula on the
             5th of December. The day started with an inspection of the Momington Cinema. We were not shown in the
             projection room and there was little to see in the auditorium, it being a virtually unadorned concrete brick hall.
             It's redeeming features being air conditioning and a raked floor. The projectionist, Peter Wallis, informed us that
             the screen will be brought forward (with the expense of the first two rows of seats) and the screen made larger
             by extending it wall-to-wall, over relocated exit doors. This arrangement still does not allow for curtains to be used
             with the screen. Our thanks to lan McCann, Tessa and Peter Wallis for the inspection.

             A few metres up the street we entered the "Deli By The Sea" for lunch. The number attending the Mornington
             event was unknown prior to the day, so no booking was made for lunch and the staff of the "Deli" wondered what
             had struck them when more than twenty of us arrived. The lunch was inexpensive and very satisfying, and the
             chatter and joke telling that went on made for a very convivial time.

             It  was  then  off to  the  "Studio  Multi  Media  Museum"  where  we  inspected  TV  production  equipment  and
             memorabilia,  a  few film  projectors,  several  radios  and  radiograms,  and  an  odd  gramophone  or two.  The
             collection is quite extensive, however members reactions  to the display were  mixed with several commenting
             that the exhibits were mixed up too much to concentrate on any particular topic, in our case, cinema. Never-the-
             less we were made welcome and enjoyed a 25% discount on the usual admission charge. Further we have been
             invited to provide our publications for sale there, and to supply a radio advertisment for CA THS-V (All of this is
             now in place). Thanks to Ken Tulloch for his assistance at the studio.

             The day  still was'nt over! It was off to Fred Page's at Frankston for a barbecue which was held in perfect weather,
             in contrast to last yearts washout. A collection of European sub-gauge projectors was on display, together with
             library materials.  Gerry Kennedy  and  Peter O'Reilly displayed the  CATHS-V archive items and  had  some
             success in having a number of photos identified. To cap off the day Alan Windley supplied the Laurel and Hardy
             film "Blockheads", which was enjoyed by all.

             This year commenced with a visit to the Progress Theatre, West Coburg. A report on this outing will appear in
             the next issue.
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