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            The Comedy now has a restored facade, Playhouse. Playbox and Academy are still around but Melody, Variety
            and Lyric seem to be out of favour.

            A rich source of names promising far-off, exotic atmospheres.  Mostly from France, Spain, Italy and Greece.
            Try Savoy, Paris, Bercy, Trocadero, Lido, Rivoli, Tivoli, Palais,

            Alhambra (the Brunswick version bore no resemblance to the original!), Plaza, Roma, Capri, Rapallo, Rialto,
            ltalia, Forum, Padua, La Scala, Auditorium, Athenaeum, Lyceum, Coliseum, Orpheum, Odeon, Olympia, Pa-
            vilion and Palladium.  The choice is unlimited.

            Always a good way to impress the paying customers.  How about Grand, Majestic, Ritz,  Palatial, Vogue, De
            Luxe, Palace, Wintergarden or Castle?  For a more intimate impression the Bijou, Cameo, Golden or Coronet.

            TIME AND SPACE
            Very forward thinking in the thirties with Universal's Flash Gordon serial on the screen.

            The Astor's Shooting Star still shines above Chapel Street but Planet, Globe, Astra, Southern Cross and Star
            have joined the Eclipse along with time and times.

            Orson Welles introduced his Mercury Theatre Acting Troupe in the late thirties.

            Century has re-appeared at Boronia and Cranbourne but Horsham had a Twentieth Century.  Sadly the Sun is
            sinking fast in the west at Yarraville after years of neglect.

            America and Asia do not seem to have made much headway here beyond Broadway, Roxy, Orient and Chinatown.

            I remember reading many years ago that Chatswood, Sydney boasted two theatres, The Arcadia and  The
            Dreadnought.  From the sublime to the ridiculous in one suburb!

            Some  properties suNived many changes of name  reflecting different managements.  Probably the Grand
            Champion still stands on  the hill facing Parliament House.  Fuller's new amphitheatre became the Palace,
            Apollo, St. James, Metro Bourke Street, Palace and now the Metro night club.

            Two  last names from  the  past, the  Victoria  in  North  Richmond  which  mentioned the street, the state  and
            deference to royalty all in one package and the quaintly named Dux in Albert Park, which had to be top of it's
            class!                      Readers' further memories are welcome.

            AMENDMENTS             Amendments to Hoyts closings in CinwmaRecord No. 3- June 1994

                                        1955  Victory Malvern (Prior to television)
                                        1958  Regent Gardiner and Carnegie theatres

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