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was converted into a lounge for the dress circle patrons. Consolidated Theatres Ltd. controlled
                        Victoria Theatres P/L, Kinema Theatres P/L, Dandenong Theatres P/L & Horsham Theatres P/L.
                        The theatres under these companies were Village Toorak. Victoria Richmond, Broadway Elwood,
                        Kinema Albert Park, Surrey Surrey Hills, Plaza Reservoir , 20th Century Horsham, Horsham
                        Theatre, Mayfair Dandenong, Orient Heidelberg and Motovue drive-in Horsham.

             1954  , ,   New Gaumont·.Kalee equipment was installed in The Bro~dway.

             1958       Consotrdated Theatres closed The Broadway theatre on 9th of August.

             1958       The Broadway was sold on 11th of August to Mr. Lejb Zylberberg, owner of the LaScala Theatre
                        in Footscray.  Films were shown until a fire damaged the stage and proscenium areas.

             1961       After being unused for two years, the building was resold to John Brownlow and Co. The building
                        was to be converted to a night club called The Four Seasons Cabaret.

            1965        Conti's Reception Rooms and Caberet

            1980's      Elwood Receptions

            1990's      The Dome Nightclub

            The arrival of electricity in 1929 seems curious. Did this replace a local company with the S.E.C., or just a
            separate  generator? Does  anyone  remember?  The  auction was passed in at $505,000, just short of the

                         145-149 ORMOND ROAD, ELWOOD

                                         ''BUY THE BROADWAY"

                                            A FORMER CINEMA

             A uniql,le opportunity to  acquire a  true local landmark of maj or prominence  that  offers an abundance  of
             potential uses.

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